13 Gifts That Gamers Would Love to Open on Christmas Morning

13 Gifts That Gamers Would Love to Open on Christmas Morning

Listen up holiday shoppers! I am about to drop a truth bomb on mums. Do you have a gamer in the house? Christmas shopping for gamers can prove to be an interesting conundrum, unless you already know the gifts that gamers would love, in which case, maybe you could let us have a few more suggestions!

Many people would think that living with a gamer would give you some insight into what what gifts to buy for gamers. The thing is though, if you are not a gamer yourself, you likely don’t want to hear anything more about games or anything that goes along with it.

Chances are, you have likely tuned out all of the talk of the hottest accessories and must-haves and now you are stumped on what gifts to buy for your gamer. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, there is no mum-shaming happening here, we get it and we are here to help. If you don’t live with a gamer, and are simply shopping for one, you are probably wondering where to even start.

Not to worry, today’s gaming world is completely different than the gaming world of our day, so you are not alone in your seemingly endless quest to find the perfect gift, but we can help you put an end to the search.

13 Gifts That Gamers Would Love to Open on Christmas Morning

Gaming Headset

Every gamer needs a good headset so they can talk with their friends and gaming opponents alike. There are countless brands, but as much as these are used, I highly recommend using a highly rated headset.

Modded Controller

According to some teen gamers I know, a gamer isn’t taken seriously until he or she has a modded controller. Be sure you know what kind of console your gamer has before ordering this one.

Gaming Chair

You may not want them to sit in their room and play games all day, but at least they won’t be complaining about their back hurting when they get a sweet new gaming chair.

Gaming Keyboard with Dedicated Media Controls

Gaming keyboards are necessary for PC gamers, but many console (PS4, XBOX, etc) gamers also play on keyboards.

Gaming Mouse

A standard mouse is not going to cut it for a gamer. A gaming mouse like this one has special controls, perfect for growing their gaming skills.

Curved Gaming LED Monitor

Have you seen these curved monitors? A good sized, nice gaming monitor can change the way a gamer plays. Plus, they are quite reasonably priced.

Gifts That Gamers Would Love

LED Strip Lights

I have been seeing a lot of gamers with these sweet LED Strip lights. I’ve got to say…it actually looks pretty cool.

Mini Compact Fridge

As much as you don’t want them hanging out in their room all the time, there will be days when that is all they do. Make sure they stay hydrated in there.

10 Gifts That Gamers Would Love Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

This is the only console on the list, but I wanted it include it because of its versatility. The Nintendo Switch is perfect for gamers when they are away from home. It is also a great console for those just getting their start in gaming, or those who prefer games that they don’t have to connect with others for.

Game Stop Gift Card

When all else fails and you just can’t figure out what to buy the gamer in your life, grab them a Game Stop Gift Card. Trust me, this one gets smiles. I hope these suggestions for Gifts that Gamers would love has helped you to get some ideas for your loved ones this Christmas, there are certainly lots to choose from, but if you know which console your family member uses, you are onto a winner!

Amazing Mystery Box

If you have a gamer or a movie fan then this is definitely a gift you should consider, a mystery box contains all sorts of amazing products, all you need to do is decide which genre or a specific movie/game you would like and voila a fabulous box of goodies is delivered, with the cost of the products at least double what you pay for the box.

You can order a one off box or commit to a subscription, so this could be the gift that just keeps giving! Either way your gamer or movie fan will LOVE it! My kids are huge mystery box fans and always come home with plenty when they attend the comic cons, so to be able to order them without going to London is brilliant!


Personalised  Minecraft Book

Minecraft has been in our house for quite a long time (way before fortnite) and it’s make a resurgence lately, so this survivor’s book of secrets, which can be personalised with a child’s name is perfect, not only does it give them hints and tips to get the most out of minecraft, but they are also reading a book too!

Customized Bobblehead Figure

Your gamer could be the type who collects action figures from the games they played. While you can gift them with a character miniature, there’s a great chance that they already have it. So why not take it up a different level and have it customized? Spy on your gamer to know their favourite game character, then order from a bobblehead creator. All you need is to send a picture of the receive, choose a theme, and add further instructions. Your gamer would be so happy to see it!

If you can think of any others to be added, let me know.

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