Gifts for Men Aldi #SpecialBuys have the answer

Every year I struggle with what to get my husband, dad and father in law, as the boys are starting to get older, they are slowly moving into that category. Lochlan still has lots of computer games, consoles etc on his list, but the smaller gifts such as pyjamas now have to be adult size!


Thankfully Aldi has it covered with their range of Special Buys, from luxurious pyjamas priced at less that £9 to very funky Remote Controlled Helicopters, i’m not sure who would enjoy that most out of Asa and Lochlan!


For something really special, how about reaching for the starts and buying an amazing telescope which is less than £70

Now that Lochlan is getting older, he certainly needs to shave, a rotary shaver is a bargain at £19.99.


For a stocking filler, how about a plane to paint, my dad used to do this when he was little, so I think I will take him back to his childhood this Christmas


As always #Specialbuys go pretty quickly because they are such good value for money, so get down to your nearest store and see what you can buy.



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