Getting Winter Ready with Simply Be

With the cold weather definitely here to stay, I found myself shivering on the school run this week, so I figured it was time to start thinking about my winter wardrobe to ensure I don’t turn into an ice block whilst at the school gates, plus this post will be shown to my children and husband, in case they are wondering what to get me for Christmas (hint, hint)

Last week I came home with a very wet foot, and on closer inspection I discovered that one of my boots had a hole in the bottom, so I guess the first item on my list is new Winter Boots, I am particularly fond of these ones from Simply Be

I like to have a little heel, as I am pretty short, especially when stood next to my three eldest! But not too high that I can’t sprint for the gate before it shuts!

I detest having a cold neck, so a new scarf is near the top of my list, I always tend to go for browns or beiges, but this matching set of Hat, Scarf and gloves caught my eye and would be perfect to brighten up the cold winter afternoons.


I love wearing Jeggings, they are so comfortable, but much warmer than leggings, plus if you eat one too many mince pie, there is no need to undo any buttons! I have a pair of Amber Jeggings in black and they are fab, but they lots of other colour choices too!

I have plenty of tops to go with the jeggings, for the spring and autumn, but for the colder weather, I could really do with a few super warm jumpers, I am very fond of this super soft high neck, which would be perfect for keeping me nice and toasty over the festive season.

If I leave this blog post open on the PC, maybe one of the children or husband will take the hint!!

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