Getting Kids Back Into Sport After The Pandemic

A loss of team sports has been one of many sacrifices that have been necessary over the last 12 months. The return to normality will still require precaution. Still, getting kids back into sport and physical exercise should be a priority for the months to come. 

After such a long time away from the field or court, parents will need to give their kids a push in the right direction. Here’s how you can do it in style.

Step 1: Seek active days out

Girls, and boys, just wanna have fun. Enjoyment is the greatest incentive that will get kids to feel enthusiastic about exercise once more. While you’ve probably enjoyed days at the park over the past month, this is a chance to seek family-friendly adventures. This could be extended to camping weekends or visits back to swimming pools and other commercial spaces. If nothing else, this is your chance to create the magical memories that your family deserves after limited chances in 2020.

Step 2: Sign them up for junior sports

The return of organised sport is undoubtedly one of the biggest sources of joy in our lives right now. Signing your child up for a local rugby, cricket, or soccer team can deliver many benefits. Aside from encouraging them to get outside and get active, it develops social skills. Right now, those benefits are as crucial as the physical gains. Hobbies also promote being a part of a team. This helps kids gain a sense of belonging and inclusion. When added to the fact that the outdoor activities are safer than internal settings, it’s vital that you use this ASAP.

Step 3: Be involved in school sports

Even if your child does not take part in organised sports on the weekends, they will be involved in school sports. As a parent, your involvement could be key to creating a smooth transition back to normality. Whether it’s coaching or organising the school fun run doesn’t matter. This is your opportunity to monitor their progress, which could be very beneficial in the first few months of sport. It might only be a temporary measure until your son or daughter is fully accustomed to normal life once more. Even so, the value of your involvement is huge.

Step 4: Integrate activities at home

The harsh reality is that the return to normality will overawe a lot of children. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to think about ways of encouraging increased activity at home. This is probably something you’ve done over recent months anyway. Still, trampolines, netball posts, and active video games are all great options. Meanwhile, there are various online fitness platforms that make exercise fun for kids. A little exercise at home can restore their confidence before playing with friends. Perfect.

Step 5: Kit them out

Looking the part makes you feel the part. And kids experience the same phenomenon. Therefore, if you want them to feel enthusiastic about getting back to sport, why not treat them to some new attire. Whether it’s a new pair of basketball shoes or their favourite jersey is up to you. Your son or daughter will inevitably want to show off their new clothes to their friends. Moreover, the positive emotional reactions will help them associate sport with having fun. Once this link has been restored, keeping them active will be easy.


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