Get Your Home Organised In One Weekend

Are the words ‘disorganised chaos’ an accurate description of your home? Sometimes the clutter and the jobs can pile up, and getting through the to-do list can feel like a never-ending task. It’s easily done, life gets in the way! But getting on top of things can help you get your home in order and help you become better organised going forward.

With the summer holidays coming very soon, now is the perfect time for you to tackle that to-do list and end the chaos. Is it possible to get your home organised in one weekend? Use the following tips to help you make the impossible, possible.

Get to grips with what you need to do

Do you know the full extent of your to-do list? One of the easiest ways to help you plan out what you need to do is to go through each room and draw up a list of tasks. From paint touch-ups to deep cleaning jobs, you can get a clear picture of each action and start planning accordingly.

Once you’ve gathered everything that needs doing, you can work on divvying up the jobs. Give people jobs that work to their strengths to help get things done quickly.

All hands on deck to declutter

Having a good decluttering session can really make a difference to your home. It can help keep it neat, help you find things and help you get rid of things you no longer need. While it can feel like a mammoth task, it is possible to declutter your entire home in one weekend.

Get everyone in your home involved in the task. The kids can tackle their own rooms, clothing, etc., while everyone can get involved in decluttering the larger rooms in the house. There are many things you can do with your unwanted items from recycling to donating and even selling, which won’t contribute to waste, but still frees up your home of the things you no longer want.

Give those ‘around to it’ jobs to someone else

DIY can be time-consuming. If it’s not something you do regularly, it can take a long time, can lead to mistakes and even accidents and injuries. So why not take the plunge and bring in a professional?

Hiring handyman services can help you get a lot of jobs tackled in one go. So whether you need some shelves put up or you need some things fixed, it’s excellent value for money to get someone in to do things quickly and free up your time to tackle the other jobs on your list.

get your home organised

Plan ahead

Spending some time tidying up your home is great, but will you slip back into bad habits quickly? Take some time to plan ahead so that you can stay on top of your home going forward. From creating a family cleaning schedule to noting key dates in your diary, you can learn to bring some order to your home.

Instead of putting off those built-up jobs for another week, get the holidays off to a productive and get organised. Getting it out of the way will help you make time for all the fun stuff you can do with the family this summer, so stop making excuses and start now!

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