How to Get Organised With a Busy Family

This time of year families are extremely busy. Between work, family activities, maybe a local holiday and the impending back to school in the next month.

Mums often feel overwhelmed and behind from day to day. To make managing life much easier you need to plan ahead to keep organised with a busy family. These tips will help you keep organised with a busy family so you can stress less and have more fun.

Get yourself a planner.

A paper planner that you can pull out all day is a great way to keep track of upcoming events, due dates, and to-do lists. Choose a planner you love seeing that you will be carrying it around.

A great way to use your planner more is to use it as a journal as well, mark good things in your life down for you to remember and to give you a boost of energy by making a note of things that make you feel happy.

How to Get Organised With a Busy Family - Buy a planner

Create a central area for your family.

Keep this near the door with a table for items like keys, wallets, and other odds and end your family uses daily when they head out the door. This is a great way to ensure things do not get lost so you can get out the door on time.

Add a pin board behind the table to leave notes, important papers, and a calendar to help keep the entire family up to date on what is going on each day.

Prepare things ahead of time the night before you have to go somewhere.

This is a great way to help your family be on time with kids in tow. Packing bags and picking out clothes the night before allows you to see when something you need is missing so it can be found ahead of time before it becomes an issue when you are in a hurry.

Have a group chat with adults and teens living in your home.

Modern technology can be a great tool for keeping a busy family organised. Having a group chat allows only kids that have their own devices to let both parents know what they have up and coming at the same time.

When you run out of something everyone can be on the same page with the item needing to be picked up and who grabbed it.

These days it’s even easier to have the technology available with data only sims which enable you to be able to communicate without having to take out a mobile phone contract, most of my children use apps like whats app and fb messenger (one even uses the chat on IG to communicate with his friends).

So a mobile phone is not always needed, especially if they have laptops/ ipads/ tablets with a sim card slot but do not need to make calls or send text messages.

A messy cluttered home can make it difficult to focus and get things done.

Find homes for everything to allow you to pick up messes and put things away quickly. Get rid of things you no longer use and can not find a home for. The less you have to clean up and put away the easier it is to stay organised.

Enlist the entire family in organising your home.

Teach everyone in your family to develop new habits that will help your home stay organised with less effort. Teach everyone to pick up when they leave a room, to toss papers and junk mail right away.

Have everyone keep everyday staples like shoes in one place so they can be found without stress. Teaching the family to help in your efforts will get you much further than trying to organise everything yourself.

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