How to Get a Family Kitchen on a Budget

In a busy family home, the kitchen is the most important room. It’s where you’ll share breakfast as you cajole the kids into getting ready for school, where you’ll hear tales of how everyone’s day was in the evening, and where you’ll lovingly prepare endless meals for the fussiest of eaters.

The Ideal Family Kitchen

Every family is different, so creating a fully-functional kitchen that suits every single family would be impossible. However, there are a few dedicated attributes that represent an ideal family kitchen:

  • Open-plan – Having an open-plan layout creates light and space.

  • Breakfast bar – Having a space around a breakfast bar or island where you can sit and chat whilst cooking makes the area sociable.

  • Round dining table – A round dining table works perfectly in a country-style kitchen, and encourages everyone to make eye contact as you chat over dinner.

  • Multi-functional space – The best family kitchens have an area to cook, an area to eat, and an area to socialise.

  • Keep it organised – Busy kitchens needs lots of storage which is well organised. Open or glass cabinets will encourage you to keep your tins and crockery looking neat.

  • Display a blackboard – A blackboard is really useful, as you can use it to display notable dates, reminders and even meal plans.

  • Have some furniture at kids’ height – Giving little ones their own furniture will encourage them to get involved in the kitchen. It could be a little table for mixing, or a chest of drawers to keep ingredients in.

  • Think about family-friendly materials- You might want that Instagram-worthy marble countertop, but something easy to wipe like laminate or quartz will make life much easier in the long run.

Buying a Family Kitchen

Once you have decided the type of kitchen that you want, it’s time to think about affording it. Most of us visit a popular retailer, get a brand new kitchen on credit and spend the next 20 years paying for it. However, did you know there’s a way to get your dream kitchen affordably? Yes, really! You just have to think about a second-hand or ex-display kitchen. You can buy used kitchens online for a great price from a company called Used Kitchen Exchange. You’ll find kitchens in all sorts of styles, from traditional oak shaker styles to glossy German kitchens. You don’t need to worry about the kitchen being poor quality, as all kitchens are assessed before they are put up for sale. Plus, if you’re hoping to get rid of your current kitchen, you can sell it on there!

Would you consider saving money on your family kitchen by buying it used?

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  • Lisa

    August 21, 2017 at 10:27 pm

    We are moving house soon and I really want t to get a new kitchen and make it more family friendly

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