George at Asda School Uniform

With two weeks left of the Summer Holidays, I am amazed how quickly they have gone, which means I must start thinking about replenishing school uniform!!

I have already discovered that all of the children have increased their shoe size, and looking at some of their summer clothes, they are definitely starting to look a little snug.

Xene and Lochlan have to wear a school blazer and tie, which leaves me the task of buying white shirts and black trousers.

Neva and Kaide wear school jumpers or cardigans, meaning I have to buy either grey or navy skirts or trousers and white polo shirts.

Kaide has got to be THE worst child for keeping uniform clean, every day he comes home with a new coloured polo top, from spaghetti, tomato katchup, paint or good old fashioned mud!

When I heard that Asda were going to use soldiers and a military assault course to put their uniform through its paces, I was very intrigued.

 George at Asda school uniforms put to the ultimate test on military assault course by kids and helped by soldiers

·      3,000 days of testing with 100 mums and 100 kids

·        8 in 10 mums prefer the George school uniform to their usual uniform

·       83% of mums would recommend George uniforms to a friend

 George at Asda launches its uniform range with military precision, enlisting the expertise of hundreds of kids and helped by the military to put this year’s Back to School uniforms to the ultimate test. George challenged the UK’s toughest men and pupils to put the range through its paces, testing strength, durability and quality on one of the UK’s most difficult army assault courses.

 It follows 3,000 days of rigorous independent blind testing through Cambridge Market Research where 100 mums and 100 kids tested the range. Results highlighted that eight in 10 mums thought the uniform was better than their usual brand while 83% would recommend it to other mums.

 This week, skirts, jumpers, shirts, trousers, shoes and blazers were put through rigorous combat training including racing over cargo nets, fireman’s poles, charging through muddy tunnels, crawling under replica barbed-wire, splashing through muddy water and extreme playground conditions plus the biggest obstacle of the day, a tough rope swing into a giant water pool.

 The uniform took on the challenge and stood up to the extreme testing with Teflon coated skirts and trousers nominated theday’s overall winners and ‘toughest uniforms’ –staying completely dry throughout the course with the water being visibly repelled and earning the name ‘magic trousers and magic skirts’ from the kids themselves.

 Wayne Monkman, assault course manager at Henfold Lakes said: The uniforms were tested to their limit, on a tough course similar to what we use for military training. We were really impressed with their durability- no rips or holes. These uniforms will certainly stand the test of time in the playground.

 Fiona Lambert, George Brand Director said: “George uniforms are designed to last and kids often grow out of them before they wear out. We wanted to get somereally active kids and the UK’s toughest men to really put it through its paces to show it’s one of the most durable on the market. This, combined with independent tests over the school term with a 100 kids over 3,000 days, have certainly proven how durable they are and from listening to our customers we know that quality, long- lasting uniforms and price are equally important.”

 George school uniform is ‘Chosen by mums, tested by kids and guaranteed by George’, covered by George’s ‘100 day satisfaction guarantee’ allowing mums to return it up to 100 days after purchase if they aren’t completely satisfied.

 George at Asda full school uniforms are available from £7.50 with individual itemsavailable from just £2 in store and online at
So now I have read all of this, I am keen to test it for myself, so look out in the coming weeks when the children return to school and put it through The Morrison testing….

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