Fun in the Sun Just Got Hi-Tech: Gadgets that Will Become Beach Must Haves

It doesn’t require much effort to have fun in the sun but it does pay off to keep tabs on the latest products. Beach must-haves are adding up and you don’t want to be caught with your head in the sand when it comes to new finds. Survey a few of these that just may become beach must-haves.

Musical Relaxation

Many agree that you can’t sit down on your towel and relax until you put on some tunes. However, the radio does not play well with water and sand. It would be better if the radio was protected from such things. Come to think of it, why not make it inflatable so it can be a pillow too! That’s a great idea.

Scuba Camera

Scuba masks enable underwater visibility but the problem is that you can’t share what you’re seeing…until now.  allows for great underwater shots that you can later share with family and friends.

Sandless Reader

Newspapers, magazines, and print books can get wet and sandy, but you have the haul them along. However, you don’t need to take chances as to what you may or may not like. Bring your entire library along with all of the world’s most popular newspapers and magazines. All it requires is handling an e-reader that is the size of a small book.

Detecting Sandals

It’s clever to comb the sand for valuables but it’s cumbersome to use a handheld detector. It would be much less of a burden to find treasure while walking along the beach. Such is attainable with metal detector sandals.

Local Weather

Those who don’t live a hop, skip, and jump away from the water have to commit. In some cases, it could take hours or more to get to the beach, which would be unfortunate if it winded up being a shoddy day. However, local weather and beyond is only a few touches away with a handy Android app.

Twister Towel

Everyone loves a game of Twister. It’s best played with a group of fun people, like the ones you go to the beach with. Play the traditional game in a newfound way with this fashionable towel and beachable dice pieces (rather than the standard plastic dial).

Water Cards

A deck of cards gives players access to tons of games. But it’s difficult to handle cards among the water, salt, and sand. However, you could start playing hands in the water as long as the cards are durable enough. Waterproof cards can take the punishment of the beach environment.

Sun Wipes

Sunscreen is a necessity but it can be an inconvenience. You don’t know how much to put on or when to reapply after being in the water. Keep it simple and safe by using sunscreen wipes. Just wipe yourself down after towelling off to make sure your skin stays protected. Be sure the SPF level is appropriate for your skin type and sun’s power.

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