Four Things Moms Can Do to Promote Their Child’s Independence

Promoting a Child’s independence is so important, imagine a child trying to taste a spoonful of homemade purees, a toddler ready to take the first step, or a preschooler revealing a mess he has done. What do they need at this growing stage? They need a courageous spirit to adapt the sure-fire turns that arrive with the increasing age.

Now, let’s talk about moms. Just like everyone, moms have personal goals and determinations, things they want to achieve within time limits; but unfortunately they have to set aside own ambitions to pay more attention to the ambiguous needs of their kids.

There might come a time when moms will need their own time and space to do things, to achieve their long awaiting goals and to make something out of their lives. At such times, it may not be the best decision to grow a dependent child who looks at his parents for basic needs.

Preventing dependence and promoting independence is the key. By doing this, moms can pay more attention to their personal needs and work without worries.

Given below are some tips for all moms out there who want to grow an independent child.

Tip #1: Give Opportunity

One of the most practical ways of getting your child’s independence is to give them opportunities at a domestic level, right inside the home. You would be amazed to see how excited your kid gets when he/she notices a chance to assist you.

Although, it is known that to get a thing done correctly is to do it yourself. Meanwhile keeping your children away from chores would have no positive impact on them, and instead, it might grow them unreliable in the future.

Guiding and assisting them to participate in home activities and let them have the feeling of achievement after they complete a specific task will help build the self-confidence.

Provide them multiple opportunities to feel a sense of usefulness, to face new challenges, to let them make correctable mistakes, and most importantly to teach them how to fix own slips.

Tip#2:  Reorganise the Task

Give your kids a chance to do home activities, and also make sure that each task is easy and straightforward. Several moms do not modify these tasks to make them easy for the children. Performing home activities with speed needs experience. Therefore, do not expect superior results in the beginning. A child who is new to those activities may not be as perfect as an adult. You must restructure the work so that it fits the age and size of your child.

Creating a task and making it simpler for them will give them the confidence to accomplish that particular task once again in the future. It allows your child to think and be creative on their own.

Tip #3: Do It Together

If you want your child to accomplish given tasks successfully, then it is essential for you to do it together with them, at least a few times before they are left alone to do it themselves.

Joining them on these activities helps prevent mistakes. It is helpful that they learn everything by looking at you.

Working with them also gives you a chance to familiarise them with the chores and make them understand the importance of those activities; which can also bring up other things to talk about that might influence them positively.

Tip#4: Give Opportunity for Requests

Giving your child an opportunity to select a chore he/she wants to do is another way of inspiring independence. It would increase his/her interest in accomplishing those tasks.

Apart from the independence, it would give you an insight of the kind of chores your child feels comfortable with and also provide you a deeper understanding of the interests of your child.

In this way, you can promote your child’s independence in just four simple methods. What do you think about these methods? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

Author Bio:

James is a passionate writer, marketing specialist, and an education consultant at Singapore tuition. He believes that supporting a child’s independence is the first step in building a successful parent-child relationship.

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Preventing dependence and promoting a child's independence is the key. By doing this, moms can pay more attention to their personal needs and work without worries.


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