Flowers as a Birthday Gift: Best Flowers for Each Zodiac Sign

You’ve probably given someone flowers as a birthday gift at some point in your life. We almost all have either bought a bunch or received one. Most folks don’t know that there’s a flower associated with every star sign, though.


If you’re an Aries, your symbolic flower is the daffodil. You might have noticed that daffodils tend to pop up earlier than other blooms in spring, right in time for Aries folks!


Symbolic of devotion and fertility, the lily is the flower associated with Taurus. Taureans are considered to be the earthiest of all, so the lily stands as the symbol of spring moving into summer across the northern hemisphere.


Since Geminis are energetic and lively, it’s highly appropriate to give a bunch of light and airy lavender flowers. They look and smell wonderful too, so it’s a winner for everyone! Lavender is the way to go for all the Geminis out there.


Cancerians are posher than most, with white orchids being the symbolic flower here. Cut orchids are great, but since Cancerians are a caretaking bunch, it might be better to go with a pot instead. That way, you let out their nurturing side with your gift.


The flower that symbolizes all Leos is the sunflower, of course. Bold and forthright, the sunflower is the perfect gift for the leonine spirit of this month, bringing with it all the brightness of summer and the warmth that comes with that too.


The white rose is the most intellectual and stimulating of the flowers, so it’s little wonder that it’s perfect for that Virgo in your life. Like Virgos, the white rose is elegant yet humble and understated at the same time.


Libras are natural peacemakers, so the tulip is the perfect symbolism for these wonderful folks. Given that they come in many colors, it’s the ideal gift for these most creative and loving people in your life.


Scorpians are noted for their intensity and fervor, and the symbolic blossoms for this sign are red roses or geraniums. The darker colors just seem to mesh well with that mysterious side Scorpians have hidden away.


Carnations are vibrant and vivid in their blooms, meaning that they fit flawlessly with the character traits of the Sagittarius. There’s an adventure to them and a hint of the mystery of the unknown.


Pansies or lilacs are symbols for the Capricornians in your circle because their natural tranquillity and happiness remind the more serious folks out there to be more lively. They soothe the savage beast.


Just like any Aquarian, the iris catches the eye and arrests the mind. It works very well because irises also symbolize the start of new friendships and the rekindling of older ones as well. It’s the perfect blossom for your Aquarian.


Gratitude, understanding, and empathy are core values to the Piscean. Therefore, the Hydrangea is the one and only choice here. Added to that, the pastel hues of this bloom compliment the water-loving spirit of Pisces very well.

Last Thoughts

Giving flowers is an ancient tradition. It dates back to before records began and is unlikely to cease any time soon. Everyone loves flowers, even grumpy people do. Giving flowers as gifts in accordance with the Zodiac is a neat touch that others will appreciate.

You will probably even notice how very appropriate each bloom is for its designated sign, which may even lead you to understand things you didn’t previously. That’s the perfect outcome for everyone, and we think you’ll agree!

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