Five Simple Changes To Include In Your Next Remodel

It can be very easy to overlook the small details that can make a big difference in your home, especially when the larger projects take center stage. However, it is often the little changes that can make your home look and feel great.

Let’s have a look at some of them below: 

Sorting Your Countertops 

It may sound really simple, but it is one of the areas that often become cluttered and out of control. You can easily make your home feel cleaner, freshers, and more organized by clearing the clutter and keeping it that way. If you have remodeled, it’s a shame to hide your nice new countertops with clutter and mess. 

Update Your Lighting 

Lighting is very powerful in a home, it has the power to change the feeling of a room. It can make your home feel welcoming and make it positive. When you are thinking about each room think about the ways you can brighten up the room and create the ambiance that you desire. A great way to adjust the lighting in your rooms is to install dimmer switches so you can have it bright but also turn it down if you are enjoying a romantic meal or watching a family film. Another great addition is to add lights under your cupboard to illuminate your clutter-free countertops. 

The Water In Your Home 

There are a few changes that you can make in your home that can improve your water situation. These include: 

  • Installing a water hammer arrestor to help minimize banging pipes. 
  • Installing a filtration system so you can always enjoy filtered water at home ( less recycling and bottled water) 
  • Adding subermsible water pumps so your water flow is improved. 
  • Adding an instant hot water tap to your kitchen. 

A Livable Laundry Space 

Having washing drying on your radiators, a heated rack, or in baskets around your home waiting to be put away can make it look messy, unorganized, and unclean. Plus it can take up much-needed space, especially if you have a small space to deal with already. Creating a dedicated space for your laundry is the best thing you can do, even if it a corner of the kitchen with extra shelves and a dedicated cupboard for hiding the washing basket it will help you keep your washing under control.  Adding a built-in drying rack to your wall or laundry wall can also make the world of difference. 

A Step In Your Bathroom 

Instead of having a plastic step-stool hanging around your bathroom that always seems to get in the way and hurt your pinky when you kick it in the night, why not consider installing a vanity step that will allow your children to easily reach the sink. It will look much better and you will expect it to be there. You can disguise it as a draw so it can easily be hidden and stored when not in use. 

These are just a few of the many ideas you can use to make small changes to your home when remodeling. Have you added any interesting and useful ideas to your home? PLease share some in the comments below. 

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