First Day At School Memories and Mess !

xene first day at school
Xene’s First day at Primary School

Last week Xene had her Leavers Prom, which was quite an emotional evening for me! Not her, she had a great time with all of her friends, dancing the night away until midnight, I on the other hand started thinking back to when she had her first day at Primary School..

xene prom
Xenes Leavers Prom

When she first started school, we lived in the village where she went to school, on nice days we would walk along the footpath to school, with Lochlan in his pushchair, we only had two children (although later that month I found out that we were expecting Neva!)

Xene was  a very clean little girl, she never spilled anything down her school clothes and always played games that didn’t involve any mess, don’t get me wrong, she enjoyed art and crafts, but she always seemed to keep clean.

Lochlan started school exactly two years after Xene, as you can see he wasn’t too keen on wearing the school jumper!! (Can’t quite believe how small he was, as he now towers over me!) His first day was quite traumatic, he screamed as I left, and this continued for the first six months of school, every morning he would be prised from my leg, however when dad took him, he was absolutely fine…

Neva and Kaide went for the full uniform on day one and Eowyn with just the polo shirt! All three of them went in with no problems whatsoever, I wonder what the next two will be like!

Their Primary School has a uniform, but it is not compulsory to wear it, as long as they wear the basics, polo shirt with skirts, shorts or trousers, they are pretty flexible on the colours, so Grey, Black or Navy are fine.

first day at school

The thing that I have noticed the most, is with each child they seem to have  become messier!!

Kaide and Eowyn are NEVER able to wear the same school uniform for more than two days, it either has school dinner down it, or bright red paint, Kaides shorts and trousers are either covered in mud or have a large rip or hole in them because he has been playing football every lunchtime…

Which is why I am grateful for Supermarkets that sell school uniform, it means that I can nip out to the store late in the evening, when I discover there are no polo shirts left that fit or don’t have stains that refuse to come out!!

I must admit, I am dreading Tyrus and Viggo starting school, if they continue on this trend, I will be sending them with a change of clothes for lunchtime!!

What about your children, do they come home as clean as they went to school or are they also mucky little pups ?

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