Finding Nemo Shampoo and Bubble Bath Review

Tyrus is just at the age where he is showing an interest in cartoons and Disney films, much to the glee of the other children, last week he was extremely impressed with Finding Nemo, so it seemed appropriate, when I was approached to see if I would like to test and review Finding Nemo Bubble Bath and Shampoo that I accept!!
However, if Eowyn had seen the Minnie Mouse choice, it could have been a war in the Morrison household!!

Both products are safe for new-borns and can be used every day. All are paediatrician approved and dermatalogically tested. Each is hypoallergenic and boasts a tear free formula.

Tyrus is at the stage of independence, meaning that he wants to do EVERYTHING himself, including eating his lunch and dinner! Needless to say he has been having quite a few baths and hairwashes lately, as a wet flannel simply won’t do the job!!

So, what did he think…

 As you can see the Bubble Bath, certainly made the bath Bubbly!! That was only a little squirt into the running water, and Tyrus spent half the time, searching for his toys under the water…
The shampoo was quite thick meaning it didn’t run all down the side of his head, but it was still quite easy to squeeze out of the bottle.
Both had a subtle fragrance that wasn’t too strong.

Our verdict: Tyrus loved all of the bubbles and he wasn’t bothered by the shampoo, even when we washed it off, there were no tears, so I am guessing the No Tears formula works!
They are both quite large bottles and for the RRP of £2.00 each I would say it is good value for money.

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Both the bubble bath and shampoo are available in Minnie Mouse, Thomas & friends and Finding Nemo in Sainsbury’s stores from 16th june, they can be found in the baby aisle.

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