Father’s Day Gifts for the Modern Dad

It’s not long until Father’s Day when families across the country will celebrate dads. It’s a newer celebration than Mother’s Day, but it’s just as important if you want to show your love for your parents, or anyone you know who is a parent.

If you ask a dad if he wants anything in particular, you might often be told not to get him anything. But they’re not always telling the truth when they say they don’t want a gift. For many mums, Father’s Day means buying a present for their own dad and for the father of their children. If you need some ideas for a modern man this year, consider some of these gifts for dad

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The Latest Tech

Not every man is at one with technology, but plenty of them love to keep up with the latest tech. There are all kinds of things that can delight a tech-obsessed dad, from smartwatches to smart home improvements. If you know a dad who loves technology and can’t wait to get his hands on all the latest gadgets, a present related to tech could be a great idea.

But you still need to think about what his other interests are to make the right choice. Technology can come in lots of shapes and forms, helping people do many things. You could get a gadget for a music lover, an angler, a video game geek, and more.

A Fashionable Gift

Some men care more about the way they look than others. If you enjoy shopping for your man, Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to get them something new. Although, you do need to choose something he will enjoy wearing, not just something you like.

For a thoroughly modern man, a look at The Hip Store could give you some ideas for clothes and accessories. It’s much easier to buy stylish gifts for someone if you know their clothes and shoe sizes and you have a good idea of their style. You can go for something casual or choose something a little smarter that might be suitable for work or a special occasion

Something Sporty

Interest in sports can vary a lot for everyone. Some people like football or rugby, while others enjoy squash or rowing. Some like to watch sport while others are happy getting stuck in and taking part. And others would rather have nothing to do with it at all. If you know a dad who likes sport in any way, a gift that touches on their interest could be a great idea.

If they take part in any sport, something they can wear or use while they’re playing could be a possibility. Anything from a new set of golf balls to a tennis racket could be most welcome. Or if they prefer to watch sport, how about tickets to an event or something for them to show their support of their favourite team or athlete?

Items for His Man Cave

For some reason, dads often get a room (or at least a space) to themselves where they can hide away from family life. If you’re jealous, maybe a mum cave is in order? Anyway, if there’s a man cave in your home, at least you can help to keep it looking nice, even if you’re not really allowed in.

There are lots of things you could get a dad to help him enjoy his space more. Think of ways he might be able to enjoy drinks and snacks (so he doesn’t have to come out and bother you), like a mini fridge or even a silly gadget like a popcorn maker.

Choices for the Chef

Men who like to cook are much less rare than they might once have been. And if a dad has a keen interest in cooking, it gives you a huge range of possible gifts you can get them. There are recipe books, gadgets and tools, meal kits, and lots more. Think about what sort of cooking he enjoys, whether it’s a traditionally masculine thing like barbecue or curries, or something else, like baking cakes or making fine French dishes.

Go the Cheesy Route

Whenever a special day comes around, it’s always worth considering the cheesy gifts. They’re often very affordable, and they can give someone a laugh too. For example, you can take a look at mugs that proclaim someone the “world’s best dad”. Or how about a personalised gift with dad’s name on it or even some reasons he’s such a great dad?

Father’s Day is the perfect time for both children and partners (or co-parents) to show their appreciation of dads. Get the right gift this year by putting in some careful thought.


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