Fathers Day Gift Guide – Personal Items

Every Father’s Day the children who are still in Primary school make dad a card (even Tyrus made one this year) and I have kept them all since Xene was small, but as they move on to high school, it doesn’t feature high on the gcse curriculum, so the older children have to go to the shop and choose one, this year their shop of choice has been Hallmark.

Having a more unusual name, proves difficult for every member of our family (except me obviously!) so I love finding gifts that can be personalised, my favourite this year is from Born Gifted, who have very kindly personalised a Beer Tankard for Asa.


If  your husband or dad is a bit of a superhero or Star Wars fan, then Itty Bittys may be the way to go, they are a good price and the children will love them as much as the adults!

How about a candle ? I know it’s usually women that go mad for candles, but Yankee Candles have brought out candles, specifically for men, with a more manly smell! The Barber Shop Collection from Yankee Candles is a great gift for the Father who loves the place to smell nice!

If you have a sports fan in the house, check out Art of Football, the perfect gift for husbands and dads alike, they have a huge range of gifts from clothing to prints, and don’t be fooled by the title, it’s not just football, there are rugby choices too.

If the man in your life needs  a little inspiration in the morning (let’s be honest, which man gets out of bed on the right side!) then maybe the Sidekick Journal is the answer! With places to track what you are doing and inspirational quotes, the perfect journal for dad.

Now this section is all about personal gifts, this isn’t specifically for dad, but these books do create a magical moment, so we had to include them, Lost My Name have a number of amazing books that can be personalised with your children’s names and their favourite things, we were lucky enough to receive copies of their new book Kingdom of  You, which I shall be doing a separate review for, so check that out shortly.


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