Fathers Day Gift Guide – DIY, Gardening and Out & About

Not long until Fathers Day, this gift guide is all about the dad who enjoys gardening, DIY and going out and about.

Not the most glamorous gift, but oh so practical, I am totally in love with these garage shelving units from Tufferman, they have totally transformed my very disorganised shed and suddenly I can actually find things, and it took my husband and I less than 30 minutes to put them all up, with no fiddly screws or nuts and bolts.

tufferman shelving perfect for fathers day

Asa is a HUGE gardening fan, so it was obvious that we would have some gardening bits in here, but the actual STORE does so much more than just gardening, so even if your dad or husband isn’t a huge gardening fan, this website is certainly worth checking out for gift ideas, my favourite is the Gardening Stool with storage for the tools as I am always finding stray garden tools around the garden!

gardening stool with space for tool storage


This summer we are going to take all of the children Camping, so any products that will make this experience even more enjoyable are certainly high up the list, if you are looking for some inspiration, check out Whitby & Co they have an amazing range of gifts for Fathers Day, but for our needs the Biolite selection is fabulous, our favourite is the  CampStove, just perfect for boiling a cup of tea, and charging the children’s devices at the same time, what more could I need! (or should I say What more could Asa need…)

biolite camping stove

TREASURE TRAILS is the perfect gift for dad on Father’s Day, excellent value for money and the perfect way to spend an afternoon, imagine dad waking up on 18th June and receiving one of these treasure trails, that is local to where he lives, and the entire family could go out for the afternoon, trying to follow the clues and locating the right places. They are not only good for local gifts, but if you know that you are going to a particular place on holiday, why not purchase the relevant trail and enjoy the challenge whilst on holiday. There are over 1000 trails to choose from.

treasure trails maps

Our entire family love being out in the garden during the summer months, but dad loves being out there every month of the year, so our gifts are usually outdoor focused, we have quite a few barbecues during the summer and we are often out there until it starts to get dark, you only realise when you are struggling to see the dinner plate in front of you!! The children are all obsessed with music, so anything that can combine light and music is perfect, we are loving the Smooz Battery Operated Colour Changing LED Table light with Speaker.

smooz colour changing light and speaker

If your husband or dad is still feeling at the peak of his youth, how about a Skateboard ?

I have seen quite a few of the dads at school ‘borrow’ their child’s scooter on the way back from school, but our boys are more into Sakteboards at the moment, maybe because there is a skate park directly opposite college, so if your husband or dad still thinks he can show some moves, I would recommend the Enuff Logo Skateboard, the teenage boys have been having great fun ‘teaching’ Asa how to ride it.

enuff logo skateboard in blue

Now, if you do decide to get the important man in your life a skate board, you might also want to consider DWSports, who have a great range of Sportswear, but they also have bandages! Only kidding i’m sure the an in your life won’t require them.

DWSports also have a great range of walking socks, which is my husbands all-time favourite thing to be gifted, he is very particular about his socks, so when we received a couple of pairs to try, and he put them on immediately, I knew they were a winner! And less than £10, what a bargain for comfortable, non smelly socks. They also have a great range of football and rugby boot, but Asa’s boots survived from last season, so I am sure they will appear on the Christmas List instead.

walking socks


If your husband is the outdoors type, then the ‘Active with Kids’ range from Thule could hold the answer for the perfect gift (that will also benefit the children). Multisport and bike trailers, they are more than just trailers for 1 or 2 children. Stylish, safe and very versatile, you can bike, stroll, jog or ski.

thule active jogger

If a trailer is not for you, check out their amazing range of pushchairs that enable you to get out and about without worrying if the pushchair is up to the hike in the woods. If you are a keen cyclists, they also offer front and rear child bike seats.

If you are out and about during the cooler months, then you may need something to keep you warm, maybe a flask of coffee or a hip flask full of something a little stronger,  the Zippo Hip Flask

zippo hip flask

So, do any of these sound like the perfect gift for the Dad in your house ?

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