Fashion Present Ideas for the Men in Your Life

If you have a male friend or family member who has a birthday coming up the chances are you are already scratching your head wondering what to buy him. For some reason, coming up with ideas is far harder when you are buying a present for a man rather than a woman. However, it need not be that way if you start adding clothing into the miss. After all, everyone needs clothes, so, naturally, it always makes a welcome gift.

Socks and underwear

One of the easiest options is to buy some new socks, or underwear. If you buy from one of the bigger men´s fashion retailers, like this one, there is a very big range to choose from. This makes it far easier to find something suitable. Plus, if you make the wrong choice, the person you are buying for can easily exchange them.


Provided you know what size shoes the person you are buying for wears there is the potential to buy footwear as a gift. A lot of men like to wear a certain brand and style of boots or trainers. They tend to stick to what they know, so a new pair usually makes a good present. Another good option is to buy them a voucher for their favourite shoe store is probably a better option.

Sports wear

Most men either participate in or follow some sort of sports. Therefore, they really appreciate gifts like new sports shirts, shorts, trainers, joggers or other items of kit.

A new jacket

Coats and jackets are expensive items of clothing, so they make particularly welcome gifts. This is especially the case for someone like a student or elderly relative, who are highly likely to be living on tight budgets. Again, take the time to note what style they like to wear and buy something similar. Most coat styles never completely go out of fashion, so if you have a friend who likes to wear bomber jackets, just buy him a new one.

Watches and jewellery

For the special man in your life, a gift like a new watch is an excellent idea. Most men do not wear a lot of jewellery, but for those who do, necklaces, rings, tie pins and cufflinks are all excellent options. If you do decide to buy this type of present, consider getting it engraved. Personalising it in this way is a good way to make your gift even more special.

Always ask for a receipt

Regardless, of what you decide to buy remember to keep the receipt. That way if they want to exchange the item they can do so.

These days, most retailers offer you the option to ask for a gift receipt. This means that you can pass the receipt on without the person you are buying for knowing how much you spent. It is always worth making it clear you will not be offended if they decide to exchange your gift by giving them the receipt and telling them how long they have to send the item back. You can find out more about the time limits that are applied when you need to return items, from this website.

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