Family Movies Coming to Cinemas in 2020

Going to the movies is always a fun family activity! There’s nothing quite like seeing a new film on the big screen, relaxing on cinema seats, complete with booming audio and popcorn and slushies. Normally, most movies in cinemas are somewhat family friendly – they may be PG-12a, but a parent can decide on whether the film is appropriate. After all, families do include teenagers! Sometimes, though, parents are faced with some trickery. A movie looks to be geared towards kids or teens, but it winds up being unsuitable for most families. This is what happened with the movie, Deadpool. Despite Ryan Reynolds telling fans not to bring their kids to see the movie, parents did it anyway.

These movies are coming out in 2020, and they’re guaranteed to be more family friendly than Deadpool. While no movie is perfect for every family, this list will go over anything you should take into consideration before bringing your kids to the movies. This year, families have plenty of options!

Not every film has received an official age rating yet, so their evaluations are based on media surrounding the release.

Family Movies Coming to Cinemas in 2020

  1. Dolittle


Robert Downey Jr. stars as the well-known Doctor Dolittle in this adaptation of a classic film. The PG-rated movie has a star-studded cast, with Selena Gomez voicing a talking giraffe, Rami Malek as a gorilla, and Octavia Spenser as a duck with a metal leg. In the film, Dr. Dolittle goes on an adventure to find a cure for the ill Queen of Victorian England. This adventure movie is a must-see for families who love animals!

Dr. Dolittle’s wife passing away is part of the storyline, so this film may hit too close to home for families who lost someone close to them. However, moviegoers shouldn’t expect to see any animal deaths in the film.

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog


Sonic fans had a lot to say about the first trailer of this film – in fact, the release date was pushed back to redesign the characters. The adventure-comedy movie features Jim Carrey as Sonic’s enemy, Dr. Robotnik. Anyone who likes the Sonic video game franchise will love watching the famed blue hedgehog escape from the government.

Since Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game hero movie, expect to see some not-so-realistic violence. While the film doesn’t appear to be rated on IMBD, it’s speculated to be PG-12.

  1. Onward 


Who’s ready for a Pixar film?! Onward is about two elf brothers who go on a road trip to see if any real magic is left in the fantasy world they live in. If they find magic, they’ll be able to spend one more day with their deceased father. The film stars Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, and it also features Octavia Spenser.

Onward is still filming as of December 2019, so it hasn’t been rated yet. As with most Pixar movies, you can expect some emotionally loaded moments, especially involving the death of a loved one. As with Dolitte, proceed with caution if your family have lost a loved one.

  1. Mulan


This highly anticipated live-action adaptation features some of China’s best actors. The story of Mulan is one of love, honour, and female empowerment. In the film, a Chinese teenager saves her father by disguising herself as a man to become a Chinese warrior. While you’re not likely to see any full-blown musical numbers like in the animated film, the score has instrumentals of your favourite Mulan songs.

Since the leading lady in this film is fighting in a war, expect to see some live-action war violence. At the end of the day, though, it’s a Disney movie.

Peter Rabbit 2 (postponed until February 2021)

Loosely based on Beatrix Potter’s children’s story, Peter Rabbit causes family-friendly mischief in this silly family movie. One of the reasons this film is highly anticipated is because the plot is still a mystery.  James Corden stars as Peter Rabbit, and Margot Robbie voices Flopsy Rabbit.

Much about this film is not yet known, but we know that the 2018 Peter Rabbit movie was rated PG. This movie is probably safe to bring your younger kids to see.

      1. Barbie

Margot Robbie stars as Barbie, everyone’s favourite Mattel doll in this springtime movie. If Mulan has too much violence for your kids, Barbie is a tamer female empowerment film to show them. When Barbie is exiled from Barbieland for not being perfect enough, she joins the real world. In recent years, Mattel has used Barbie to show girls that they can do anything they set their minds to. Hopefully, this live-action film is just as inspiring!

Barbie doesn’t have an official rating yet, but parents can expect this film to receive a U or PG rating. Other Barbie movies have been rated U, so this film may be suitable for your youngest kids.

      1. Artemis Fowl


This fantasy movie features a young criminal who kidnaps a fairy in a plot to save his father. It’s classified as family-friendly on IMBD, and it’s based on a popular young adult book series. The books’ author describes Artemis Fowl as “Die Hard with fairies,” but this is a franchise for preteens and teenagers.

Disney is behind this film, so expect it to receive a PG or PG-12 rating. There will likely be some fantasy violence, but parents shouldn’t expect it to be overwhelming.

      1. Minions: The Rise of Gru


Family Movies Coming to Cinemas in 2020 - Minions Rise of gru

The Minions sequel is coming to cinemas this summer! Follow your favourite yellow, overalls-wearing creatures as they take you through more of their adventures and shenanigans. The Minions brand is wholesome, gaining love from people of all ages. This is a movie you can even bring Grandma to see!

So far, the cast only has two credits: Steve Carell as Gru and Pierre Coffin as everyone else.

Parents who want to further research these movies have some tools at their disposal. Once the films are released, reviewers will start giving more information about the films’ content on IMBD, Common Sense Media, and Does the Dog Die for animal lovers. While you should read up on each film as their release dates get closer, keep them in mind as potential films to see with your kids!

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  1. I was just talking with the kids about what films are coming out this year and we couldn’t think of any we were excited about. I was wrong! I didn’t know there was a new Peter Rabbit film or a Minion one! We will be having to see them x

    • I have to confess I didn’t think there was anything (other than the Sonic Movie, which the boys are obsessed about) but Lochi is doing a degree in Film production, so he helped with this one!


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