Family-Friendly Homes: Expert Advice on Kids Rooms

When we are designing our children’s bedrooms our inner child comes out in the process. But sometimes creating the bedroom that you have always wanted as a kid isn’t the best way to go as every child is unique and as the time goes on there are new trends and things that children find interesting. The best way to decorate your kids’ room is to work with their creativity, imagination and interests. Stray away from themed bedrooms as their likes change on a daily basis. Choose themes that can last or incorporate things that can easily be changed if they don’t like it anymore.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that kids’ bedrooms need to serve multiple purposes. They need to be their sanctuary, a place where they study, sleep and play. It needs to be a place where they will feel safe and a place that comforts them as well as helps them relax after a long day.

Have Soft Furnishings

There is nothing that a kid will love more than having a room full of soft things. That comes as an advantage for you because that is the best way to incorporate patterns because curtains, cushions as well as bed linens have textured patterns. Another thing that brings softness and coziness to a room is by draping canopies over their beds. Incorporate fun pillows and bed linens to add more fun and liveliness to the room.

Create Hang out Areas

It is important that you are aware that kids’ bedrooms aren’t only for them to sleep in, it is a space where they can have their quiet time and feel safe at. Because of that, it is important that you provide them with different spaces like reading corners with bean bags, secluded corners with a teepee and a craft corner with all the appropriate materials.

Install a Cozy Carpet

Carpets are the most popular choice for children’s bedrooms because they provide that extra cushion. It is the best option because they are soft and plush and it allows them to jump and have fun without getting hurt. Not only that the covered surface will provide them with a tactile comfort. To avoid any lifting corners on which they will trip and fall, have professionals do the carpet installation.

Another great thing about having a carpet in their bedroom is the noise reduction. It is great because you won’t be able to hear the stomping and jumping when you are downstairs or if you live in an apartment building the noise won’t bother the neighbours.

There Need To Be Educational Things in the Room

You can only design a room with things that you like and leave it be. A child’s room needs to be a place where they can choose to learn new things. Because of that, they need to be provided with those kinds of materials. Incorporate charts, educational toys, books and fun educational posters. There needs to be a designated study space where they can concentrate on learning.

Don’t Forget About Ceilings

Most people forget about feelings in the children rooms. But it plays a great role in stimulating children. It is a great way to add more bold things to their room. You can hang just about anything from paper origami, growing stars, dinosaurs or things that can lull them to sleep.

Have a Lot of Storage

As we all know the key to staying organised is having good storage. That is especially the case when it comes to kids bedrooms. But having normal storage isn’t fun for kids, try making them cartoon themed like pirate chests or simply gluing stickers of their favourite characters. If you want to keep a simpler theme, you can customize it to them

Use Their Toys As Decor

The best way to decorate your kids’ room is by doing it with their toys. They are an amazing way to decorate because they come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours. That way you are not only decorating you are saving the storage space. But the most important thing that you need to pay attention to when decorating with their toys is that they can reach them at all times.

Make It a Magical Place

The most important thing is to understand that children see the world in a different way. For them everything is magical and all the fairytales are true. To aid their creativity and imagination provide them with a magical space. Add fairy lights to create a fairy palace or glowing stars to create space. Keep track of what worlds they are creating when playing and incorporate the things that will support their imaginary worlds.

No matter how you decide to decorate their room, it is important that it is to their liking and they will feel all the love and care that was put into the whole process.

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