Fall/ Winter Bedroom & Cushion Tips When on a Budget

Seasonal changes have a sometimes very profound effect on our moods and energy levels, making us tired and less enthusiastic about everything. But there is a quick and easy way to restore your happy mood: redo your home! Of course, not many people can afford (or even want!) a full renovation every time the weather changes. But you do not need to spend a lot of money in order to give your home a fresh new feel. Cushions are a fabulous décor tool in any home, and here are some reasons why:

Cheap as Chips Rescue!

Cushions are relatively cheap, and cushion covers are too. You can dramatically enhance a room by simply changing the cushion covers, but did you know that you can also revamp your sad and saggy cushions with new cushions covers too? Simply put your older, overly soft cushions into slightly smaller sized covers. The cushions will fill out the cover nicely, giving you a firm and attractive cushion that you will be delighted to have in pride of place in your bedroom.

Texture Change

If your cushions are currently rather plain and practical, with covers made from drill – durable and sturdy, but not terribly exciting – or another similar fabric, treat yourself to covers that are made from fluffy, textured, or napped fabrics. Eccentric colour schemes, zany shapes – there are a wealth of vibrant cushions that will enhance and enliven your décor without breaking the bank. Cheap cushions and stylish covers can be found at Yorkshire Linen.

A Hint of Nature

Plants are a great addition to any décor scheme, adding a hint of Nature and some welcoming refreshing greenery to what might otherwise be a relentlessly urban scene. Real plants are not always an option as people can have allergies, plants might die under your tender attentions (as do mine!), or you may simply not have the space to spare. But this is no obstacle to introducing a splash of foliage into your bedroom: put them on your cushions! Pick covers that feature beautiful, realistic plant designs to get the best of both worlds.

Looking Rich is Af[fur]dable!

To instantly add a layer of opulent comfort to your bedroom, invest in a sheepskin (a fake fur one, of course!) and then place some of your favourite cushions on top of it. This creates a warm and cosy corner, ideal for you to sprawl while reading or watching television, and also looks as though you have spent a lot of money on your décor.

Stylish Mismatching the Easy Way

There is a trend for a stylishly mismatched look in décor at the moment, and it comes just as many people have saved their pennies and invested in a lovely – but entirely matching! – suite. If this is you, do not despair! You can achieve the same look, almost effortlessly. Invest in two or three sets of cushion covers and mix and match the covers instead. You will see a dramatic contrast between the various pieces of the suite, while still enjoying the harmonious effect of the suite.

Cushions are great, and they are often under-valued when it comes to making quick and cheerful décor changes – be cushion smart and budget friendly by getting your new covers soon: you will not regret it!

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