Fall In Love With Your Living Room All Over Again

If your living room is full of toys, the sofas are a decade old, and the carpet has more than a couple of stains, you might want to consider giving your interior a bit of a facelift. By giving your living room a makeover, you can fall in love with your living room all over again. If you have a small brood, you can quickly become overwhelmed at just how long the trail of destruction can be as they move around the home. What was once a minimalist and luxurious living room has now morphed into a family hovel.

Your living room needs to be a place where you and your offspring feel comfortable and cosy. You want to spend winter nights snuggled up watching a movie as you warm your feet by the fire. You want to have space to entertain. And you want to enjoy the ambiance of your room by adding in great furniture, awesome decor, and unique style. Take a look at how you can renovate your living room and flex your creative muscles.


If you have a period property and you are keen to exemplify the features in your living spaces, you might want to peel back your carpet or pull up the laminate to see what you have underneath. With properties that are post-war, the chances are you will be greeted with a concrete base. However, for those homes built before the 1930s, you may have some stunning oak wooden floorboards. These may need some renovation and repair, but get them weight bearing and sand them down, and you could have an exceptional period flooring. Add some rugs and fabric to be gentle on your feet, and your living room can look more luxurious than ever.


If you are keen to ship out your old moth eaten sofa, think about the style of furniture you will replace it with. Modern Italian furniture is well made and will last for decades. The Italian crafted leather three seaters ooze class and will be resilient to smaller hands and feet. Harking back to a vintage style, they combine the perfect mix of form and function, meaning that you can have a stunning piece of furniture that looks incredible in design and that is super comfortable.

When looking at the sorts of coffee tables and footstools you want in your room, consider mixing up styles to create eclectic design. Don’t follow the trends in interiors magazines and go for what you love instead. Being a sheep means that you may end up with a design that you cannot stand just because it is en vogue. Instead, adore what you surround yourself with and feel comfortable and content in your surroundings. This is the perfect way to fall in love with your living room once again.

Add soft furnishings across your sofas and living space. Throws, cushions and drapery of different patterns and textures can enliven a living area, making it highly tactile and even more comfortable.


To add a focal point to your room, consider adding in a fireplace if you haven’t already got one. If you do have a fireplace already but it is a 1960s monstrosity, you need to think about swapping it with a period example. Reclamation yards are awesome facilities to scour for period features. Here, you may locate an old cast iron Victorian fireplace that you may want to put into your room. With a tiled surround and hearth, you could enjoy some extra warmth and cosiness in your room. Alternatively, you might be keen to add a country style wood burning stove into your living room. These wood burning stoves look very cute and pump out heat. These are particularly sutited to smaller living spaces.

The chimney breast of your fireplace can be wallpapered or painted a different colour to add more interest to your living space. Bold geometric 1960s patterns or heavier flock paper can look dramatic within a living space. If you have a white room, think about adding a bold colour to the chimney breast. A bright red, deep damson, vivid green, or classic duck egg blue can change the entire feel of a room.

Forget about wallowing in your current living room and consider giving your space a makeover. By swapping the furniture, focusing on the flooring and adding a focal point to your room, you can revolutionise your interior. Before long, you will be falling in love with your living room all over again.

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