Fab To Drab Advice For Busy Mums

Mums have this incredible and natural instinct to take care of their family and what once was a totally gorgeous and fashionable woman can soon be swamped by housework and children so that you wake up one morning and don’t recognise that poor tired face in the mirror.

If you can’t remember the last time you got out of your pajamas let alone got dressed up for dinner with the girls, here are some tips for turning drab to fab!


What you’re wearing is a direct reflection on how confident and comfortable you feel inside. If you are constantly reaching for that tired t-shirt or oversized jumper you’re probably not feeling that great about the way you look and want to hide it all away.

Of course it’s not practical to wear designer dresses and high-heels everyday but just because you can wear casual doesn’t mean you can’t wear beautiful clothes.

From well fitting t-shirts with vibrant prints to 50’s style house coats that add a touch of glamour to working from home. Mix it up a bit and you will appreciate what you see in the mirror rather than avoiding it!

Online shopping is great for the busy mum and you can get everything from fashion-forward women’s dresses  to cosy jumpers that hug rather than hide your naturally beautiful feminine figure. With the warmer weather now starting to peak through, its the perfect excuse to wear a dress, if like me, over the years you have a few more pounds than you used to, you may find you suffer from the chub rub, but that’s not an excuse for avoiding the dresses or thigh chafing shorts, because products like this exist.

Best Foot forward

You have probably got into the habit of choosing a pair of shoes based on how quickly you can get them on and out of the door and how comfortable they are when walking the several miles a day required to meet your children’s needs.

Luckily you can have both and still have pretty feet. Start by throwing any shoe that is tattered and torn away – this is a shoe amnesty! Then with the lovely warm weather upon us invest in some eye-catching canvas or leather sandals that will keep your feet cool, look totally chic and feel comfortable.

If time really is an issue make sure you choose slip on versions rather than fiddly buckles or ties and you can even throw in a little heel to elevate you in the style stakes.

Keep them simple but jazz it up with some statement nail varnish for a new look everyday. That requires a little ‘me’ time of course but luckily that’s the next instant fab fixer on the list!

Be (by) yourself

You’ve probably forgotten what ‘me’ time is but it is as important to your family that you are happy and healthy as the rest of them are.  Even if it’s only 20 minutes a day find some time to be by yourself.  Perhaps it’s a nice warm bubble bath, a chance to catch up on some of those neglected beauty routines or just to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet whilst it lasts.  Whatever you choose its benefits will show in your skin, your hair and your smile so ‘me’ time is the ultimate accessory!

Beautiful hair

Speaking of hair, when was the last time you took any notice of what was piled on top of your head each day. Your hair can speak volumes about the state of your mental and physical health as well as instantly change the way you look from mummy to yummy.

Unless you have a personal stylist on hand everyday you probably don’t have time to tuck and tease your hair to perfection but you can keep it looking at its best by keeping it clean, brushed and trimmed with regular visits to the hairdresser.  Choose styles that suit your busy lifestyle as well as frame your face.

If all else fails invest in some flattering summer hats to hide those bad hair days that just can’t be fixed before school.

A Natural look

Makeup might seem like a waste of effort if the only person you’re likely to bump into is the postman.  Makeup though isn’t just about looking glamorous, it can hide a multitude of sins such as ‘up all night with a temperature’ eyes and ‘haven’t exfoliated since 2010 cheekbones’!  Natural makeup fixes such as a flattering tinted moisturiser, shimmery smooth lip gloss and pastel rouge cream can literally make you feel better as your reflection say picture of health and not health hazard. Spend a few seconds each morning adding a bit of natural colour to your face and you will be more confident to face the world – even if it’s only from the centre of the playground.

8 thoughts on “Fab To Drab Advice For Busy Mums”

  1. These are great pieces of advice! Just by simply taking care of ourselves can boost our confidence in the way we look and dress. I must admit that I haven’t been paying much attention to my looks, as I am a work-at-home mom and I rarely go out of the house (except to the grocery store). I will start with fixing my hair. Maybe a new hairstyle will boost my self confidence.

  2. I agree with you. Mums should have the habit of pampering themselves. Self-care can keep them happy otherwise some of the mothers tend to go depressed because of no time for themselves.

  3. Everyone needs to pamper themselves from time to time including us, the males. That gives happiness that lasts till you are at it again.

    • This is a very important message not just to mums but everyone who’s so care free with them self, one has to create this self consciousness and have self love for them self nice post thanks for sharing.

  4. Definitely needed this today!!! Thank you for posting this. It is so important that sometimes we need to be concerned of ourselves.

  5. After I had my twins, casual comfort became the norm for me. I love your post as it is a reminder to Moms to get out and spruce up a bit.


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