Excuses why the Tooth Fairy was A No Show !

Last night Tyrus lost his fifth tooth, thankfully I had already remembered to put the money under his pillow before he went to sleep, although he had decided to fall asleep in our bed and he woke up when we went to bed, mumbling that he needed to be in his bed for the tooth fairy to come! So then I had to have my fingers crossed that he wouldn’t realise it was already there! 

But what happens if you don’t remember to put that magic coin under the pillow, do not fear, I have the answers! So here are the perfect excuses why the tooth fairy was a no show!

Child with tooth missing Excuses why the Tooth Fairy was A No Show !

So, the Tooth Fairy forgot to come. What do you do now? It’s a devastating situation for any parent and child. They’re always so excited when those teeth come out. There’s something magical about losing a baby tooth, placing it under your pillow, and waking in the morning to find money left (and possibly a note) from the Tooth Fairy. It’s one of the best parts of being a little kid. No parents want to see the look of dismay on their child’s face the next morning when the Tooth Fairy has a failed appearance.

Imagine the disappointment if she doesn’t come?

You need to scramble – and FAST – to explain and make it right. I’ve had to come up with some good ones in my day. Honestly, every parent has been there at some point, right?

Here are seven epic lies you tell your kids when the Tooth Fairy no-shows:

  1. “You stayed awake too late and the Tooth Fairy couldn’t appear.” That’s right, the Tooth Fairy is magical, like Santa. She can’t come if you wait up for her. She’d risk being seen!
  2. “Your sibling must have woken up and spooked her.” Yeah, blame it on the other kid… not always the best fall back, as it can lead to siblings bickering if you’re not careful. But if you tell your child he/she must have woken and spooked the Tooth Fairy, and he swears he didn’t, you can always go with the old blame-it-on-your-brother/sister routine.
  3. “The Tooth Fairy was slammed last night!” Just like a big rush at your favorite fast food place right at closing time.
  4. “She didn’t know we moved.” Yeah, you forgot to tell the Tooth Fairy your change of address. She’s not registered with DPD, ya know?
  5. “Your bedroom was too messy.” Remember how I keep saying I’m going to trip over those clothes and toys on the floor? Well, apparently a messy room repels fairies, too. Better get cleaning!
  6. “She ran out of fairy dust and couldn’t fly.” Hey, it happens. Just like you try to keep the petrol tank in the car full, sometimes mistakes happen. Maybe she underestimated how much travelling she had to do last night. It’s okay; she’ll be back tomorrow with more fairy dust.
  7. “She thought another fairy was taking care of it.” What, did you think there was only one tooth fairy? That’s way too much for only one fairy to manage, so there are teams of Tooth Fairies who work together, but sometimes mix-ups happen. It’s okay, they’ll be back for your tooth tomorrow.

Everyone makes mistakes, even the Tooth Fairy. All you can do is apologise and try harder next time. Now you know what you can say the next time the Tooth Fairy forgets to make an appearance at your house.

A little trick I have been using for years is whenever one of the children loses a tooth, I lay one of my socks on my pillow, if any of the children see it, they just assume I’ve forgotten to put one away when I was doing the laundry, but as soon as I am about to climb into bed, there it is staring straight at me, reminding me that I need to tip toe back downstairs and find some pennies, ideally have a few pound coins stashed away for tooth fairy duty, no-one wants an IOU!

We always use coloured envelopes in our house, so if you are super organised and your child hasn’t written a novel to the tooth fairy with lots of questions, you can grab an envelope of the same colour, preloaded with the money and do a quick pillow swapping moment to ensure your little one doesn’t wake up!!

Have you forgotten a tooth fairy engagement, or do you have any more excuses to add to the list?

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  • Kim Carberry

    July 1, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    hehehe! This did make me chuckle. I always used to use the excuse that their kids bedrooms were too untidy for the tooth fairy to get in.

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