Exciting New Ventures and Wiggly Update

As you may remember I was very keen to have a homebirth in a Birthing Pool for our latest baby, nicknamed Wiggly.
I was very fortunate that a lovely company called Birth Pools Online had agreed to let me have one of their heated pools for the birth, which I was extremely excited about. A few weeks ago I received a very apologetic email from the company to say that they were no longer able to supply me with a pool as a family situation had meant that they would no longer be running the business, cue mad panic and “Oh No, I won’t get a Waterbirth after all”

It’s funny how things turn out, a couple of days later I had correspondence with the company and had the fantastic opportunity to actually buy the business, my husband and I sat down and discussed it all, and came to the conclusion that we both believed in the product and thought there was a need for the business to continue, so on Tuesday evening, I became the very proud owner of Birth Pools Online, so if any of you pregnant ladies out there are thinking of having a homebirth and would like a wonderful heated birthing pool for a five week hire, give me a shout!

Wiggly Update.

With all the hustle and bustle of school holidays and new businesses, the weeks are flying by, i had my 36 week check last week and everything is going great, he is now 3/5 engaged and boy can I feel it!!
Today I have hit my target day, I am 37 weeks, which means I can now have him at home without anyone saying “You have to come into hospital” My medication is on standby for bleeding (just a precaution and the only way they would agree to a homebirth)

Last night I went to bed at midnight but really couldn’t sleep, Wiggly was trying to impersonate the scene from Alien, I did at one point think he was going break his way out via my very tight belly!!

I found myself laying in a rather full,  hot bubbly bath at 1am waiting for the pains to subside, which of course they did, which is a good thing as all I kept thinking was “I haven’t got to try out the birthpool yet, they are all being delivered tomorrow!!”

I also had a courier at the door yesterday delivering a parcel, who asked how long I had left and if I knew what I was having, to which he then retold the story of how his wife got told she was having a boy a few months back, at the same hospital and scan, to find out that she actually delivered a little girl, so I guess we will have to wait and see!

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