Essential Power Tools for Every Home

DIY is something pretty much every homeowner is faced with at some point. Like it or loath it, everything from furniture building to renovation and decorating can make a home better in a multitude of ways, but having the right tools to do this is essential.

Quality power tools can not only make your DIY jobs easier to complete, they’re also great to have around for the future for any other little jobs or tasks you might need to do.

If you’re not sure where to start though and you want to make your DIY work much easier, then take a look through this post as we’ve broken down some essential power tools every home should have.

Drills and Drivers

First and foremost, you’ll want to get yourself a quality drill or impact driver as this can make any drilling of holes or driving of screws an absolute breeze. Different power levels can be found, so you might want to purchase this based on how heavy duty your DIY jobs are going to be.


Rather than laboriously having to saw wood and other materials by hand, mitre saws, circular saws and jigsaws can again make this quick and easy. Jigsaws in particular make light work of any intricate sawing or cutting of shapes.


In a similar vein to the above, if you need to sand down surfaces for a smooth finish, a power tool sander is far more effective than having to do this by hand. Plus, models with suction and bags fitted can create less dust and mess – making the cleaning up processes even easier as well.


Okay, this isn’t strictly a power tool but it’s a sensible purchase nonetheless. Additional lighting to illuminate dark corners can help you be more effective when working on your jobs.

Cleaning and Safe Storage

A final piece of advice here before you go out and create your power tool arsenal is to make sure you store these safely and securely. Purchase a sturdy tool box to store them, or failing that, put them away in a garage or somewhere out of the way when they’re not in use. Also, remember to clean your power tools once you’ve used them to prevent them from getting jammed or damaged.

With all this in mind, all there’s left to do now is get shopping and get yourself prepped to tackle your DIY jobs with ease.

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13 thoughts on “Essential Power Tools for Every Home”

  1. My boyfriend begged me to let him buy an impact driver and I always tease him about it just being a fancy screwdriver. He said it would make moving home so much easier, to be fair, he was right!

  2. I must admit we are pretty useless at DIY in our house and probably wouldn’t be safe to let us loose with some of these lol. We do have an electric screwdriver which makes life much easier! x

  3. So excited to complete my DIY tools and also I do my own minor repair in the house so I would probably be needing this tools. Anyways, great post and thank you for sharing them. Cheers!


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