Enid The Bear

Today I would like to introduce you to Emily, who blogs over at Hippie in Lippy If you have not found this blog before now, I urge you to head over immediately! It is one of the most unique blogs I have come across as everything is in rhyme, which means whatever you read makes you feel happy.

Today Emily has written me my very own exclusive rhyme, all about Enid The Teddy Bear.


Enid the teddy woke up bright and early,
She untangled her hair to make it more curly.

She opened her blind seeing it was bright and sunny,
Then scurried around to find her purse full of money.

Leaving her beautiful townhouse, she plodded down the street,
Enjoying the sunshine and warm summer heat.

The bus then approached and stopped by the tree.
Enid counted the stops to town 1, 2, 3.

Jumping off the bus with a giant leap,
Enid walked to the market at the end of the street.

Something for dinner was why she went out,
Some broccoli, peas, carrots and sprouts.

Enid stepped up to the scales with her veg to weigh,
Happy with the price she went to pay.

Thinking of dinner and that she will garnish with chives,
Enid counted out her pounds 4 & 5.

Smelling food in the air it was time for a break.
Maybe a drink and a big slice of cake?

Enid stopped at the cafe their cakes smelt great.
She picks off the menu 6, 7 & 8.

Finishing her toast and marmalade,
Enid went to the counter to check she’s paid.

Waiting to be served whilst in a long line,
Enid admired the party cake shaped as a 9.

Leaving the cafe as rain started to drop,
Enid made a quick dash into a shop.

The shop Enid rushed in was full of toys.
She picks up a robot that made lots of noise.

The shelves were full of kites and planes;
Teddies and dollies and even toy trains.

Admiring the soldiers high on the shelf,
Enid counted them in line 10, 11, 12.

Walking around Enid found the cars.
Maybe she should ride home under the stars?

She picks out a car that was sporty and green,
Then counted out more money 13, 14, 15.

Enid paid for her car and headed to the door.
Time to get home before she spent any more.

Driving along Enid took in the scene,
Soon reaching the door of number 16.

Enid ate up her dinner and cleaned up her plate.
It was dark outside and getting quite late.

Enid jumped in the bath and soaked like the queen.
Counting bubbles around her 17, 18, 19.

Refreshed from her bath Enid snuggled into bed,
She pulled up the covers and laid down her head.

Thinking of the day and fun there’s been plenty,
And now Enid has learnt to count up to 20.

Emily hopes to write books in the future and I am sure she will be a great success, i’d better keep Enid safe to show all Hippie in Lippy’s fans when she’s rich and famous! If you’d like to find out more, check her out on facebook twitter, Instagram and pinterest


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