Engineered Hardwood Flooring And Its Benefits

Engineered hardwood flooring also known as composite wood flooring includes derivate wood products. These are manufactured by fixing and binding the particles, strands or veneers of woods together with any method of bonding or fixation. These engineered hardwood flooring are made in order to precise the design specification that are checked to meet any international or national standards. If you live in are where there is lot of moisture then also you can install engineered hardwood flooring because it is moisture resistant so that you can also install even in basements. It is also resistant to humidity and never gets damaged with changing of temperatures and harsh weather conditions. You can get engineered hardwood flooring done in thousands of colors and finishes same like which you get in hardwood flooring. In terms of durability they are better than solid wood floors.

Perks Of Using Engineered Hardwood Flooring:

• Availability: These are available in a number of styles which ranges from traditional to special designs like handcrafted tool marking or multi tonal colour. Few looks like extra wide planks, these are only possible with the help of an engineered wood.
• Durability: Engineered hardwood flooring can withstand sanding and refinishing numerous times in its whole life in the floor. With the concern of durability if they are moisture, temperature or humidity, engineered hardwood flooring is undoubtedly the kind of material you need to use. It has layered construction which gives stability again the environmental changes.

• Wood species used: Engineered hardwood flooring is made of floors which are made of multiple variations of woods. This includes oaks, maple hickory and some soft woods as well like birch, cherry walnut and exotic woods too like African mahogany, Acacia and Tiger Wood.
• Thickness of the woods used: These are slightly thinner as compared to solid wood. These engineered woods are usually present in premium collection. Few engineered hardwood flooring have thick top hardwood layer. This gives them to refinish for many times.
• Underfoot noise: engineered hardwood flooring can sometimes sound more hollow than solid underfoot. This can also be addressed by stapling down the planks instead of floats the. Premium engineered hardwood flooring is basically quite thick in its appearance and the sound is more like real hardwood.
• Price of engineered hardwood: Engineered hardwoods are less costly than solid hardwood. Besides being less expensive it provides premium collection. It also gives us availability of artistic designs. It has an enhanced durability. As a whole it is highly recommended product as it gives better function than any other kind of solid wood and has a lesser price.
• Installation: engineered hardwood flooring are easier to install than any other solid hardwood. They gives us more range of installing methods unlike only stapling and nailing. One can install them by stapling or nailing and by locking of using glue also. One can also use ones finger in these engineered hardwood flooring samples.

Engineered hardwood flooring is usually industrially fabricated. These fabrications are done in the form of straight edge birds with milled jointing profiles. These joints are provided for interconnecting boards. These manufacturing provides are efficient and they give rise to an industrial appearance to the surfaces. In nature these straight lines do not exist so in the rising trend and style to change the visualization appearance to copy it. In today’s world a number of makers have accepted the challenge and have added many natural aesthetics as well.

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