Elements That Every Novice Interior Designer Should Be Aware Of

A family home is one that often denotes chaos but it is a warm place where fond memories are also made. Sometimes, clutter gathers; whether that’s from old toys or general old paraphernalia. Either way, sometimes you need to step back and clear out! Secure storage can help you greatly with this so that you can keep it there and use as and when and you’re not compromising home space. 

Every home needs an occasional upgrade and redesign, to refresh and innovate, to create interest and for the occupants of the home to feel like they are enjoying a stay in the space, where they spend more time than anywhere else. If you are a novice interior designer, you probably know a handful of tricks that allow you to design a home even on low budgets, but if not – feel free to keep reading, to get some really good ideas.

1. Play with size

Play with size – if you want to create an impression, choose a spectacular element that will make your guests look in amazement. If you just want to design a large and empty wall in one of the rooms in the house, you can choose a striking canvas wall art. This way you will save the need to use many small items, because one large item gives a complete design solution to the room.

2. Play with the quantities

Play with the quantities – especially if you have a collection of special decorative items, family photos and landscapes, or you want to create a collection of items such as vases, bowls etc? Perhaps you want to create an area for the family photo collection, decorative plates collection, or anything else of this kind and create on the wall a sort of impressive collage of some such items. 

3. Minimalism

Minimalism – Whole genres of design deal with the minimalist line. It is possible to design a clean white space, with bright furniture items and delicate and natural design items, in a bright space, to create a superbly designed look and a room that is pleasant to stay in. This also promotes tidiness and calmness for the kids too. Avoid darker/brighter tones for kids to avoid too much hyperactivity. 

4. Introduce nature into the home

Put nature into the house – it can be a room inspired by nature, with murals, or wallpapers of spectacular landscapes, or it can be a room full of natural plants. You can use these designs in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even a bathroom with a large window. This serves as a direct continuation of the room and gives a sense of being outdoors. The effect is breathtaking and can really offer you another dynamic that you didn’t have before. 

5. Color games

Paint games – Painting the walls of the house is one of the fastest ways to change the atmosphere and design in the spaces of the house, with a relatively minimal investment and create an immediate and dramatic effect. You can choose one vivid and intense color, such as maroon, turquoise blue and more and paint one wall in the living room, or kitchen. You can choose soft pastel colors to calm and relax. 

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