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The Morrison household was fraught this morning, I cannot lie, Kaide aged 11 suddenly remembered that he had homework to complete for TODAY! I’m not sure why it came as such a surprise because his homework is ALWAYS due on a Friday morning, the problem is they have tightened up on its completion, the joys of SATS for year 6!

It always amazes me, how long it takes any of my children to answer 10 questions in a book about a subject, yet it takes them seconds online!

We have been looking at Education Quizzes which is a site for children aged 5 right the way through to 17, with lots of multiple choice quizzes for all school subjects, each quiz written by teachers you know that it will be relevant to what they are leaning whilst in school.

Tyrus is currently working on the Early Years curriculum, but we have been giving the KS1 a try as he enjoys the computer and I thought it might be a way for him to engage, I obviously have to sit with him and read out the questions, but he has enjoyed the Tyrus and Mummy time and he has really enjoyed it.

ks2 maths

Eowyn and Kaide are in KS2 and they have both enjoyed the quizzes, getting quite competitive! Neva is in KS3, and she has tried several different subjects, even ones that she is not studying.

ks3 quizzes

The one thing that stood out with this site was the fact that as you worked through the 10 questions, inputting your answers it gave a pop up with further information if you had given the wrong answer, with so many they just give you a score at the end and which questions you got incorrect, with this style, the children are constantly learning as they go along.

Subscription is £9.95 per month, which I think is excellent value, particularly as it can be used throughout children’s school, and much cheaper than paying a tutor, it is also a lovely activity for children and their parents to work through together, and also for siblings to help each other. I appreciate for some people that this is a large sum of money, but maybe schools would be interested in signing everyone up, it is probably cheaper than all the text books we are being sent home every week, and depending on how many sign up, it could cost from just £2 per year, definitely worth schools considering!

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