Ecover Ocean Washing up liquid – So Bubbly!

I announced yesterday about an exclusive partnership between Tesco and ecological cleaning pioneer Ecover, who have has launched the Ocean Bottle – the first ever bottle made from waste plastic, fished from the ocean, you can read all about it here. I was very fortunate to be sent an Ocean Bottle (I know, some might think washing up liquid is sad, but I LOVE it!) before it hits the Tesco shelves.

So, although I have a dishwasher, with nine of us there is ALWAYS extra that needs to be washed up, especially the children’s plastic beakers that are too light in the dishwasher and end up full of water!! Ecover First thing, smell….I HATE flowery things, but I am happy to report this has a lovely fresh kind of fragrance, with Sea Lavender and Eucalyptus, it isn’t too sickly sweet, it is quite invigorating (as much as washing up liquid can be!)

But, the most important test in our household when it comes to sinks of water… Do we get lots of bubbles ? The answer is YES… The entire sink filled with bubbles, much to the delight of Tyrus and Eowyn, who are slightly bubble obsessive in the sink and bath!

Ecover Ocean bubbles

So, I would say to all you people that are in charge of doing the washing up, when you visit Tescos next week, keep an eye out for this funky bottle, not only will it fill the sink with bubbles and nice smells, it will rid your dishes of dirt and ketchup (its always ketchup!) but you will also be playing your part in cleaning up the oceans. Priced at £2 per bottle, it will be available from 21st May for one week only.

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