Easy Easter Meals and Tips to Satisfy a Hungry Bunch

My house is never without at least a few mouths that need feeding at any given moment, so when the holidays come, it can be hard to provide the abundance of festive dishes that other families don’t have trouble finding space in the oven for!  This Easter, I aim to use a little creativity and some interesting recipes to help keep my table from being cleared too quickly.  If you have a big family or a large Easter gathering at your house, don’t forget to leave your tips in the comments!

  • Devilled Easter Eggs

Devilled eggs are an Easter classic, and it’s easy to whip a bunch of them up while something else is on the cooker or in the oven.  Just boil them for a few minutes, whip the yolks with your favourite condiments, and voila!  They’re table ready!

  • Roast Ham

Nothing feeds a crowd better than a huge leg of pork.  It tastes great and is easy to prepare, too, as long as you give it enough time.  This recipe is delicious and extra simple as it uses a dry spice rub made with ingredients that are easy to find in the spice aisle of your local supermarket.

  • Order In for Sides

If your kitchen just isn’t big enough, remember you don’t need to do everything on your own!  You can still make some great mains and desserts and order the sides or starters from a local takeaway.  This works perfectly for sides like potatoes and garlic bread that can be a hassle to make and take up precious space on the cooker or in the oven.

  • No-Bake is Better

If your oven is going to be occupied, try searching for no-bake options for desserts.  In this way, you won’t have to stress about juggling different dishes and timing things out just right.  There are a lot of great no-bake biscuit ideas as well as this easy and decadent no-bake chocolate cake! Yum!

  • Easter Stew

Instead of buying five kilos of lamb to feed my family, I can get the same delicious flavour out of much less by making a stew.  All the classic ingredients of the holiday go inside, and when served with plenty of crusty bread, it’s a meal that is sure to leave everyone full and smiling.  This BBC recipe is one of my favourites!

  • Fresh Veggies

Springtime is here and what better excuse is there than Easter dinner to start munching on some healthy produce?  The added benefit is that a big plate of fresh veggies and dip takes very little time to prepare (and can be done in advance) and requires no cooking.

  • Enlist Some Helping Hands

Remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself!  If you’re expected to feed an army like I am, you should at least get to enlist some recruits to give you a hand.  Even just having someone to set out the ingredients and keep watch over the clock can make a big difference!

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  1. When we get together as a family we split our big meals into courses. We generally do the mains, my sister-in-law brings the dessert and my Mother-in-Law brings starter, it makes it fun and cuts down on the cost and hassle x


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