#DriveHappy Stories with Febreze

July 22, 2014Mandi Morrison

According to a recent survey commissioned by Febreze, a bad smell tops Brits’ list of turn offs when getting into someone’s car. The smell Brits would least like to be stuck with in their car with? One in four (24%) agreed it was wet dog, which is unlucky for the more than one in 20 drivers believe their car smells of man’s best friend! Even when you’re not travelling with Fido, family road trips can be a messy, and at times smelly, experience (think sticky fingers and spilt milk!).

To help make journeys more enjoyable Febreze have developed a#drivehappy Kit. It was  inspired by their very own Febreze RoadTrip! It includes lots of really useful items to make journeys fun, including magazines, travel games, universal car charger for all the gadgets, and lots of other goodies, not forgetting a Febreze Car Vent Smelly!!

This summer, three members of the British public have been handpicked to embark on a European road trip. Throughout the trip the drivers will have to perform a series of unexpected challenges which will cause a bit of a stink! After they perform a smelly challenge their car will be ‘Febrezed’. They’ll then pick up surprise passengers who will have an opinion on the air freshness in the car. These passenger approvals will dictate the next part of the journey for the driver. If they approve, our Brits will get a totally fresh experience, if not they will pay a stinky price!

The first challenge in the Febreze Roadtrip was a day at the farm! You can watch what happened above….

Febreze asked me to share with you one of our family #drivehappy trips,  so I had a long hard think (it took quite a while!!) all of our journeys as a family are great,no particular trip stood out, but over the years the journeys have become much easier!

Because we live in lovely East Anglia, wherever we want to travel to, ALWAYS takes a long time, so the children are used to long car journeys, we very rarely have the “Are We There Yet” because they know the answer is usually No!

Having such a large family we have been travelling with little people for the last 16 years, but it has definitely got easier, when the eldest two were little, we didn’t have games consoles or in car DVD players, instead the most entertainment we had was a children’s CD to sing along to (badly) and a few toys that attached to the car seats!!

When we get ready to go on a journey now, the older children have it down to a fine art, they have a list of essentials that they need…

~ Various hand held games consoles, DS, 3DS, Kindles, PSPs

~Snacks and Drinks

~DVD Player with an assortment of DVDs for all of the children

~ Books, Pens and Paper.

~ MP3 players so they can all listen to their own choice of music

~ Pillows and Blankets

and of course

~ Mum and Dad, as one needs to drive and one needs to read the map and dish out the snacks!!!

Hope You will #DriveHappy this summer xxx


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