Do You LOVE Your Work ?

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It’s no surprise that I absolutely love my job, I say it often enough, who wouldn’t love being surrounded by lots of pregnant ladies and then gorgeous newborns!

Thinking back on all the jobs I have had since starting work, there is only one that I HATED, and I only did two shifts and then left, I was 16 and it was in a restaurant, we had to wear black skirts with stupid little white frilly aprons and white collars, and the chef made Gordon Ramsay look like a pussycat! I was a very quiet shy girl at 16, and having plates thrown across the room and being shouted at, wasn’t really my cup of tea, plus the tips that I earned got shared out between everyone, even though half of them were lazy and rude to the customers, so after two shifts I hung up my apron (literally).

I have worked in supermarkets, hospitals, nurseries, leisure centres, been a live in nanny and they have all been great jobs, but my current job is by far my favourite.

Other than the restaurant I have always enjoyed going to work, on some occasions even looked forward to going, but there are so many people that I hear complaining about their job and how they hate it.

I appreciate that lots of people are doing it “just for the money” but it must be awful to feel that way each day you go to work.

Asa and I both love our jobs and we are trying to encourage all of our seven children to find a career that they will enjoy, Neva has just chosen her GCSE options and has decided to go for Business Studies and Leisure and Tourism, although some of her teachers in the more ‘traditional’ subjects were surprised that she had not chosen their lessons.

Asa has now been working from home for three years and we love it, the fact that it is no longer the conventional Monday – Friday 9am-5pm means we can change it around to suit ourselves and if he has a deadline then there is nothing stopping him working until midnight and then not starting work until lunchtime the following day, it is also great for school runs and all of the associated activities that go with seven children of differing ages.

There are many hints and tips for working, which Furniture at Work have put into a fab ebook, they asked if I would like to put a quote in, which I kindly agreed.

“Enjoying your job is an important part of it, to be able to fully engage in your work life is so much more enjoyable if you like your job. Not all aspects of our job will be fun but concentrating on the positives will ensure you exude a positive attitude which will filter through the rest of the workplace.”

Do you enjoy your job, or are you just doing it to pay the bills, if you had a choice of any job in the world, what would it be ?

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  1. The one thing that I want for my children is for them to ENJOY their job! I personally enjoy doing bar work but am frustrated as I am a qualified teacher and am hoping to get back into that somehow one day.


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