Decorating Your Home For A Cosy Christmas

Christmas is not far around the corner, and although covid has changed many of our plans this year many of us are still hoping for a Christmas to remember. 

Today we want to talk about some of the different ways you can bring a touch of festive spirit to your home starting now all the way until the big festive day. 

There are lots of fun ways to decorate your house for the festive season and we are going to take a look at some of them today. 

Break out the cushions and throws 

There is nothing more cosy and comfy in winter than a blanket and cushions on the sofa. To make your living room look and feel festive as well as bring some comfort to the space, consider Christmas or winter themed soft furnishings. A well placed tartan throw and bright coloured cushions can bring a touch of magic to your seating area this year. 

Change the bedding 

Winter bedding is something truly amazing. From stunning red and green designs to simply woodland animal themed bedding – there is plenty to choose from for your bed this Christmas. You can even layer up and add a throw and extra cushions to your bed for the cold season! 

Build an outdoor wonderland 

If you are considering having the builders in to help make your garden more exciting this winter – consider using this opportunity to build an outdoor winter wonderland. A well placed pergola with fairy lights on top will not only be a lovely feature for the garden as is, but for Christmas it will bring an ounce of festive cheer. 

Choose the perfect tree 

Choosing the perfect Christmas tree for your home is one of the most exciting parts of Christmas. Unless you have an artificial tree ready and waiting in the attic, you’ll likely need to go tree shopping in mid-November to early December to find that perfect feature for your living room. The perfect tree is thick and dense, and has a lovely point at the top. Visiting local Christmas tree farms will allow you to find your ideal tree easily and will make a big difference to your Christmas display. 

Pick a colour scheme 

There are many stunning colour schemes you can choose for your Christmas decorations and it all depends on your personal taste. There are a few different directions you could go for when choosing a colour scheme for your Christmas house: 

  • Classic – red, white, green, silver and gold 
  • Winter snow – blue, silver, white 
  • Woodland – green, gold, copper, brown 
  • Pastel – pink, blue, white, silver 
  • Colourful – every colour of the rainbow 

Whichever colour scheme you decide to go for, you’ll easily be able to add to it and make changes to it throughout the years to suit your changing tastes. Coming up with a fun colour scheme can be fun, but if you are unsure there are always simple packs which already have a colour scheme picked out for you to use. 

Hang festive wreaths 

A wreath is traditionally placed on the front door as a sign of celebration, and it is always lovely to have a grand wreath outside your house and on the door leading to the kitchen. If you don’t want to buy a wreath you can make your own with: 

  • A wreath loop 
  • Pinecones
  • Winter berries 
  • Winter leaves 
  • Fairy lights 

Making your own wreath is a great idea because you’ll be able to customise it to your own colour scheme or only add features that you like. 

Display garlands 

One super simple way to make your house look festive is to hang a few garlands in choice points of the home. For example the fireplace is the perfect setting for a leafy Garland, and if you have a big staircase you can also wrap the Garland around there for a show stopping touch. Heres how to Create Your Own Christmas Garland

Hang mistletoe 

For those of you who have someone you love in your life, mistletoe is a lovely way to show your love with a cheeky kiss. Hang this at the threshold of any door in the house and every time you walk underneath it you can show that person how much they mean to you. 

Use battery powered lights 

Battery powered lights have to be the easiest way to festive- up your house on a budget and you can get them in many different designs. From snowflakes to Christmas puddings- battery powered lights can be bought online and hung at different parts of the house to make a lovely statement and add some magic to your home this Christmas. 

Invest in solar lights 

For the outside of your home in the front and the back, one simple way to add festive cheer is with solar powered lights. You can buy candy cane designed solar lanterns, solar fairy lights and much more and hang these around your garden and on bushes or trees for a lovely effect. 

Create a Christmas card display 

Christmas cards are a huge part of the celebration of Christmas and there are lots of different ways to display them in your house for maximum effect. The first method is to simply place them on and around your mantelpiece and fireplace for a simple, classic look. The second way is to hang your Christmas cards with string and pegs on the wall and make a wall collage out of them. Or you can consider placing them going up the stairs for a stunning and fun display that you can keep adding to as you get the cards coming through the post. 

Embrace the tinsel 

Tinsel might seem like a bit of a seventies decoration, and for a long time people steered clear of it thinking that it was old fashioned. But do you know what? Christmas is all about tradition and embracing all things magical and glittery – and tinsel ticks all of those boxes. Even if you don’t want tinsel on your trees you can still hang tinsel around the stairs or other furniture of the house. 

And don’t forget to bake some Traditional Mince Pies or maybe some DIY Christmas Bark


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