How to decorate with statement furniture in your home

What exactly is statement furniture? While the word itself is a declaration on its own, it doesn’t have to mean anything too garish or unusual. It could be a piece of furniture that is over-exaggerated in its design, bold in its colour or completely unique – ultimately it’s all about what speaks to you.

To help you create the stand-out look you’ve been craving, the interiors experts from James & Rose are here to give you a few pointers…

Living room

Fireplace – Don’t let a traditional fireplace blend in with the rest of its surroundings. For the ultimate statement, paint it a bold colour that really pops. Added points if you opt for a high-gloss paint as the sheen will reflect the light. This is the perfect example of contemporary and traditional blending perfectly, as old-style features look incredible in a unexpected colour.

Sofa – Your sofa is one of the first pieces of furniture a guest will notice in your home, so make sure it’s one that leaves a lasting impression. A bespoke sofa and chair set will really get people talking, as it will have been created with your specific requirements in mind and you’ll be proud to have it on display. Why not go for a grand Chesterfield design that looks imposing in the room yet inviting at the same time?

Dining Room

Dining table – The dining room is where you sit down to eat and spend time with family and friends, so why play it safe with a design that everyone has? Don’t be afraid to go for something completely different that’ll become a real focal point. The world is your oyster when it comes to weird and wonderful designs; shiny stainless steel and repurposed tree trunks and glass tops. Go wild.

Chairs – To really get your guests talking, why not mix and match your dining room chairs? The eclectic blend of styles can look fantastic when it’s done right, and brings a touch of personality to a room that can often be a little neglected.


Bed – We spend a great deal of our time sleeping, so don’t shy away from adding something incredible to your bedroom. If you have the space, a king size always looks glorious, and for that added touch of elegance and grandeur, opt for a four poster. A dramatic bed design never goes out of style.


Mirror – Instead of hanging a plain mirror above your sink, why not go for something that’ll really stand out. Don’t be afraid to go grand – why not hang a large gold framed mirror, or perhaps something that rocks the metallic trend? The bigger the better as it’ll reflect the light and draw people’s eyes.

Bathtub & shower – As soon as someone walks into your bathroom, their eyes are immediately going to focus on the shower and/or the bathtub, so make sure what they see is something impressive. A luxury rainforest shower with bright tiles or even something more rustic such as slate is truly something to behold. And a deep stand-alone bathtub will look stunning placed centre stage.

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