Creative Colour Choices: Where to Find Ideas for Your Home

It can take you a long time to decide on a new colour scheme for your home. There are so many colours and shades to choose from that it’s all a bit overwhelming. Even if you have some idea of what you want, getting the exact shade right takes some time. If you’re looking for colour inspiration, try some of these sources.


Paint Manufacturers and Sellers

If you’re looking for new paint for your home, you can always find plenty of inspiration from the brands that make and sell it. Even if you don’t want to repaint, they’re good places to go for colour inspiration. So check out their websites or maybe go into your nearest hardware store.

Other Creative Areas

You can try checking out other creative industries for some awesome colour inspiration. Look at the world of fashion or even high art to find some great shades and colour combinations. If you find a colour you love, you can use colour matching services to make paints, fabrics and more.


Humans might be pretty clever, but there’s a lot that nature does better, all on its own. There can be no better place to look for inspiration than at the natural world. Explore flora and fauna and various landscapes or maybe even look up at the sky to get inspired.

Resources from Home Brands

As well as checking out the brands that make and sell paints, look at other brands selling home decor and accessories. This resource from Factory Direct Flooring is just one of the many useful resources you can find to inspire you.

Infographic Design By Factory Direct Flooring

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