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October 2, 2013Mandi Morrison
Lovecravendale is the exciting new rewards club that offers you the chance to try new experiences and have fun as a family.
We were asked to choose an activity to try out, being very heavily pregnant I thought it best to try something slightly less adventurous than scuba diving, so we opted for a Bowling Experience, that we could all enjoy as a family.
For our Cravendale Experience the entire family went along to a fabulous Ten Pin Bowling Alley, that we actually didn’t know existed in our own town! It is situated at the end of the pier, so we had a great view out over the entire beach and the younger children were fascinated by the sea being underneath them!!
When we arrived we all gave our shoe sizes, unfortunately one of the children had forgotten to bring a pair of socks in the chaos of getting eight people ready and out of the house, however the bowling had socks available to purchase which saved a trip home to get some!!

They took all of our names and which of the children would like bumpers on the lane to assist them with their bowling efforts.
We were on lane one, and by then time we had walked over to the booth our names were already up on the screen ready to start.
The children had great fun, even the little ones with the help of the bumpers and the ramp they were able to get really good scores, although I was a little scared that they would make dents in the floor, with some of the dubious throws/bounces!!
The session was for two hours, which gave us enough time for two games, the winner of the first game was Neva with a winning score of 91, she beat Lochlan by just two points, it became very competitive towards the end of the game! The second game descended into complete chaos as the two year old attempted to have his first ever game of bowling, with the assistance of his older siblings…
It was a wonderful family night out, and as a complete bonus, three hours after going bowling I went into labour and gave birth to a very healthy baby boy, so thankyou Cravendale for a wonderful evening and an even more eventful early morning…
I would now like to pass the Love Cravendale Baton onto my fellow blogger Clare at

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  • Emmysmummy

    October 3, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    Looks like you had a great time. I’m very very impressed with you being able to bowl just hours before labour started.

    Thanks for passing the baton over. We had a great day at the farm.

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