Coughs, Colds And Flu: How To Help Sick Kids

Now that we are into autumn, the weather will be getting colder. And that means only one thing. The chances of your kids falling sick are going to increase! It is important not to panic when your kids fall sick. Normally, they will just have a common cold or flu which will go after a week or so. This blog post, gives you a couple of tips to ensure your kids get better as quickly as possible.


See Your Doctor

If you are sure that your child is just suffering from a cold, then there should be no reason to see your doctor. However, if your child is quite young and you feel they may have something serious, it can be worth taking them to see your family doctor. It’s easy to book an Online Doctors Appointment, and you can expect to be seen within a few days. Your doctor will be able to prescribe medication that can help your child recover. If there is nothing they can do, at least you have the peace of mind that it is not a serious condition!

Keep Them Comfortable

Make sure your child is as comfortable as possible. This way, they will be able to cope with all the aches and pains of illness much better. If they are fatigued, try and encourage them to stay in bed. Otherwise, try and keep them on the sofa with a blanket to keep them warm. They can then drop off whenever they feel like it.


Give Them Plenty To Drink

When a child is sick, it is extremely important for them to drink as much as possible. Keep on offering them fresh water. During the first day of illness, they might not feel like eating. Don’t force them to eat if they don’t want to. Instead, give them regular cups of fresh fruit juice. This will give them vitamins and minerals as well as sugar that can help their energy levels stay up. Make sure your child only has water and fruit juice, though. They should stay away from drinks with caffeine or excessive amounts of sugar in.

Don’t Get Them Excited

While your child is ill, they shouldn’t get too overexcited. This can use up energy that would be better spent on fighting the illness. So try and keep them away from any computer games and games consoles. Instead, give them some games that they can play quietly. It is also a good idea to read to very young children, as this can help to take their minds off things. Try and keep your kids separate from one another in the first few days of one being ill. This can prevent the illness spreading. But, after a few days, they should be okay playing together again.

It can be very distressing to watch your child get sick. However, it is always important that you remain calm about it. This can help you provide your sick child with all the care and attention that they need!

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  • Morgan

    September 19, 2016 at 8:14 pm

    I agree with you! The faster you see a doctor once your symptoms start, the faster you’ll be able to recover fully, and that goes for little ones, too! Thanks so much for the helpful pointers!

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