Container gardening for Beginners – Benefits and how to get started

Stuck inside the house because of lockdown? This is the perfect time to dive into container gardening!

One of the hobbies that has risen to the very top during the pandemic is gardening. People are planting various kinds of plants in their backyard to get rid of the boredom and do something productive. But what if you don’t have a big garden to plant things?

Well, you don’t need to miss out on this trend of gardening anymore. All you have to learn is how to do container gardening! 

More and more people are starting to work on container gardening these days. Still there are a lot of people who don’t know all the amazing benefits of it. To help those people out, this article comes with all the details you need to have your own container garden. 

Container Gardening can be great for indoor plants and small gardens

What is container gardening?

The name itself explains a lot about what exactly it is. For those people who don’t have a lot of space to put soil and plant around the house, this amazing option is fantastic to let your gardening hobby grow.

There are a ton of benefits as to why you should put plants in small containers instead of in the soil. This trend is growing in popularity a lot and will continue to be a hit for a long time. 

Benefits of container gardening:-

Aside from getting fresh vegetables and fruits in your house, there are also many other reasons why container gardening is a must. Some major reasons that attract people are:

  • Containers can be placed literally anywhere! You can have them inside the house or in the small space you have around the house. 
  • This technique makes gardening much easier. You can garden any time you want as the containers are always easily accessible.
  • If you are a newbie to the gardening world, this is the ideal way to start. There are not as many difficulties as having an actual garden outside. 
  • You can plant anything in these containers. They are easy to take care of and also need less water or fertilisers to grow.
  • It’s easy to harvest these gardens. You don’t need big or advanced equipment and you can harvest whenever you think it’s time. 
  • You can move these around anytime you want. The size of the containers depends completely on what you want to grow. 
  • Container garden is easy to take care of and financially less costly as well since you don’t need big props to take care of it. 

Start container gardening on your own from today itself!

Do you now realise how having a container garden can bring many benefits? Great! Now you might want to start doing it yourself. Even if you are completely new to gardening in the first place, you can still grow a beautiful container garden. 

There are just some basic tips and things you need to keep in mind. If you are careful right from when you start gardening, you will have an amazing time bringing your own container garden to life.

Decide on exactly what you want to grow 

As specified before, there is actually no limit to what you can grow. If you are a flower lover, you can grow some gorgeous flowers to add some colour to your house or small patio.

If you want to grow your own vegetables, that can also be done by container gardening. According to your needs, decide what vegetable, fruit or flower you want to grow.


Place your containers somewhere where there is a lot of light

Whether it be an outside garden or a container garden, plants will need a lot of sunlight. Place your containers in the part of the house which has a lot of sunlight.

The containers also need to be at a perfect temperature. Too much heat or too much cold can damage your plants. Make sure your plants get just enough to grow naturally. 

Pick the perfect container size and the soil you want to use

Each plant has different needs and requires a specific type of soil to grow in. After you decide which plants you want to have, research about what kind of soil is most suitable for them.

The container size can be customised according to the space you have. For short plants, a small container can also be used. You just have to keep in mind that the containers should be of good quality. 

Watering your container garden

Regular watering makes sure your plants grow well. You can have a proper schedule when you want to water your plants. 

Make sure you only water the amount your plants need as over watering can also cause damage to plants. Watering according to the individual plant’s need is the key to a perfect garden.

Fertilisers can boost the growth of your plants

Though container gardens don’t need as much fertilisers, giving some to the plants can ensure healthy growth.

Plants need good food just like we need it. There are a lot of quality fertilisers available in the market as well as online. You can pick whichever works the best for your container plants. 

It’s okay if there is no success in the first attempt

It can take some time for you to get the hang of taking care of a garden. During this learning process, some plants might die. It’s important that you don’t let yourself get discouraged by that.

Understand why your plant died and try to fix your mistakes. Keep trying until you figure out the perfect amount of water and food for them. If you take a lot of honest effort, you will be a successful gardener for sure. 

Final thoughts

Gardening has always been one of the best hobbies to have. It helps you to take a break from all your worries and spend some time with nature. Container gardening makes it easy for you to take care of the plants and feel the joy of eating the vegetables or fruits that you grew yourself.

Through this guide, we have tried to cover everything you need to know about container gardening. All the benefits definitely make giving it a chance worth it. The tips will get you started with gardening smoothly and assure awesome end results. 

While the pandemic is haunting the entire world, start container gardening right away to find your own form of happiness!


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