Clip-in remy hair extensions

Clip in remy hair extensions are very popular in fashion, mostly because they are very easy to maintain and apply, perfectly blending with your natural hair and creating a full look for you. This hair extension method is least permanent and you do need to remove your extensions every night before you go to bed, but it is very safe and lacks the disadvantages such as traction alopecia caused by glue or other extensions method.

First of all, you should know real human hair extension is always better than synthetic one because human hair extension can be styled, coloured like your hair, making it perfectly blend with your natural hair.

What Are Clip In Hair Extensions:

Clip-in hair extensions, also known as clip-on weaves, is an attachment method where wefts of hair can be easily installed into your natural hair by multiple small pressure sensitive clips. One set of clip in hair extensions includes several different sized wefts of hair, ranging from one, two, three, to four clips.

If you don’t want to wear your hair extension all the time, the clip-ins method is a better choice for you because you can easily take them off afterwards. Clip in remy hair extensions also work great for special occasions like parties, business meetings, weddings, and dinners, they can change up your look in a snap.

Clip-ins are typically sewn onto French lace, which is the name lace weft clip in hair extensions come from. There is another different type of clip-in method available on the market, which called seamless clip in hair extensions, also know as silicone-weft hair extensions. These extensions could bring more natural look for you than classic clip-in hair extensions, as they are made with a very thin silicone-weft band that can lay incredibly flat against your head. If you have thin, fine hair, and classic clip-ins method is very bulky or heavy for your natural hair. You can try this seamless option.

Clip-ins is also very suitable for those beginners to extensions because it can be easily attached and removed. Whether you want your locks to be longer and fuller, or just want to simply add some highlights on your natural hair, clip in hair extensions can help you achieve that. We recommend visiting a stylist to help you achieve a natural look.

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