This year I was very lucky that Asa finished work for Christmas a day before the children broke up from school, which meant we were actually quite organised !!

A tradition that we have had for many years is to take the children out for a walk on Christmas Eve afternoon, and when we return they have a Tree Present, usually something that they can watch or play on a games console.
We have also started a new tradition this year, a new set of pyjamas to unwrap on Christmas Eve that they can wear to bed, ready for Santa’s arrival.
Since moving to Burgh Castle five years ago, our walk each year has been to the Roman Fort, it is a short walk with a lovely view.

The children were very excited about Christmas, they all chose one of Asa’s Rugby socks to hang by their bed, and checked that their stockings that I had made them were all hanging from the mantelpiece in the Piano Room.
This year, they broke with tradition and went for Cookies and A Glass of Milk,instead of a mine pie.  A large Carrot and a Bowl of water for the Reindeers.

Tyrus was the last one to fall asleep, just after midnight, which was extremely early for us on Christmas Eve. Once the older children have gone to bed Asa and I settle down to a nice buffet and a good film, however, as the years have progressed we end up sitting down later and later, so this year, instead of a film we watched Black Adders Christmas Carol, which made me chuckle!
Before the children went to bed we discussed a sensible time to get up, after some negotiation, we decided that 7.45am was the earliest!!
At 7.30am Asa and I woke up and opened our stockings, we then heard movement in the boys room, after a short time all five children, some sleepier than others, came into our room and opened their stockings, after they had finished, they kindly helped Tyrus with his.
 Next stop, the Piano Room to see if there had been any presents left in the larger stockings, which of course there had!
Finally the presents under the Christmas Tree, which stretched halfway across the room!
A few hours later, we eventually finished unwrapping all of the presents.
A lovely start to a great Christmas  xxx


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