Christmas Gift Guide for Boys and Girls 2-6 years

Not long until the big day, so here are some of my top recommendations for boys and girls aged 2 – 6 years.

  1. Toddlebike2

When the older children were small it was very different learning to ride a bike, they only had the choice of standard 2 wheeled bikes with stabilisers, but fast forward to this year and young children appear to be mastering the technique far earlier, with the help of such products as the Toddlebike2

If you are considering giving the toddlebike2 as a gift this Christmas, use the code BLOG17 for 10% off at

2. Junior Lego

All of the children adore Lego, although Viggo and TYrus sometimes struggle to build with the older children’s sets, so this year I have invested in some Junior Lego for them.

The younger boys love Cars, so this set is perfect.

3. Marvel Hero Rider

Viggo is slightly obsessive about superheroes, and he adores Spiderman and Hulk, so on his list this year is a Marvel Hero Rider. Watch your favourite super hero battle bad guys and take control of the motorised vehicles which feature realistic sounds. Hero swivel driving action, lights and sounds, motorised drive.

4. Snotcha Game

The children LOVE board games, and the more toilet humour the better, there’s nothing better than farts and bogeys, so Snotcha is perfect!

SNOTCHA! – rrp £24.99, age 5+  Oh dear, oh dear – this grossly entertaining game is set to be hugely popular with cheeky little ones this Christmas.  It’s the sneeze spraying action game that’s guaranteed to get everyone going, one way or another! Set him up by filling the sneeze chamber with cold water and inserting the batteries into his feet – now we’re ready to start! Take your turn to spin the spinner to see how many times to push down on Snotcha… It’s time to see if he can hold in his snotty sneeze or not – will he sneeze at’choo?  Phew… you’ve stayed dry this time… or – AAAHHH CHOOO! Ewww that is a super wet sneeze!  And you’re out of the game.

5. Beat the Flush

More toilet humour is required, literally, it’s all about a toilet!

Beat The Flush the fast and Furious potty bug flipping game from Megableu. The toilet has broken and loads of toilet critters have escaped and it’s up to you to put them back! each player chooses a coloured headband – using the magnetic wand on the front, players must try to pick up their chosen coloured critters and flick them back into the spinning toilet bowl before the timer runs out and the toilet sprays water everywhere. The player who sinks the most critters wins. Requires 2x AA batteries, not included.

6. Tumball

If you are looking for a game that doesn’t involve toilet humour, then maybe Tumball is for you

Test your nerves and steady hand with Tum-ball, the nerve-wracking stacking game from Megableu. Players take it in turns and must try and balance their white beads on top of a suspended hanging cluster of coloured balls. Who can place and stack most of their beads before the cluster gives way and all beads ‘tum-ball’?

7. My First Scalextric

We all know that dad’s are looking for an excuse to sit down and race cars, well now they can do it, whilst entertaining the little people, My First Scalextric is the perfect starter set for your budding Lewis Hamiltons.

A great introduction to the world of Scalextric racing for kids 3+, featuring an easy-to-assemble figure-of-eight track. The two rally cars and adjustable power hand-controllers are colour coded in red and yellow to match chevrons on the circuit. The Magnatraction technology helps to keep the cars on the track, and variable hand-controllers allow the speed of racing to be adjusted depending on skill level.

8. Skylanders Imaginators

Viggo and TYrus are completely obsessed with the Skylanders brand, currently we have the Imaginators and they have a huge list of Characters they still do not have, and it’s so easy for them to show me on the screen, as the ones that are faded out mean they do not have them yet, so a quick note to Father Christmas and it’s all sorted!

If you are looking for a game that will engage the younger members of the family then Skylanders Imaginators is your answer.


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