How to choose a push bike for a toddler

Kids love the excitement and the fun that they get from riding any type of vehicle. Bikes, in particular, are a favourite among children because it feels as if you’re gliding on the road. And what’s not to love when you get to go outside and explore while riding a bike. Although this sounds like a lot of fun, regular bicycles might not yet be appropriate if you have a toddler. You could start them off with a push bike.

A push bike for a toddler is similar to a regular bicycle. With this, your toddler can learn how to balance and then, later on, ease into riding a regular bike. Push bikes make the transition to a regular bike easier. There are several things that you need to take into consideration before buying a push bike. This is because push bikes for toddlers are not the same as those for preschoolers.

The first thing that has to be considered is the size. Bikes that have 12-inch sized tires are ideal for toddlers who are just starting to ride a push bike. But check with the actual height of your toddler to make sure that he/she is able to sit comfortably on the bike. When it comes to the seat height, have the child sit on the seat and make sure that the child’s feet are flat on the ground. It should be low enough so that the knees aren’t bent too much.

How your child maneuvers the bike will be affected by his/her weight plus the type of material used for the bike frame. The most commonly used material is steel but this contributes to a heavier bike and can easily rust. Aluminum frames typically make up high-end bikes and are lightweight and rust-proof.


Another important consideration is the tires used on the push bike. Because it functions as a cushion and because your child is still in the first stages of learning how to ride, you must ensure that the tires you select have enough traction. Air tires are considered the best and work well on all types of terrain. Hand grips that have knobby ends or protective bumpers are additional considerations when it comes to the safety of a push bike. Hand brakes are also good to have on push bikes to train your kid on how to stop properly.

Although not present in most push bikes, footrests give your child a place for their feet. However, not having a footrest won’t be a hindrance to your child from learning how to ride. It simply makes them look like they’re riding a regular bike and not sticking their feet out.

Push bikes are a great way for toddlers to learn how to balance and learn it fast. Next thing you know they’re already on a regular bike and riding around the neighbourhood. So the next time you’re planning on buying a push bike, don’t just pick one at random. Choose one that is best for your toddler.

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