Chocolate Bars That Are Healthy!

No, it’s not April Fools Day and I’m not trying to give you empty chocolate bar wrappers!

Introducing Mars, Snickers and Bounty Chocolate Bars, but as a protein bar.

The Mars Protein Bar contains 19g of protein combined with soft caramel and chocolate. The individually wrapped Mars Protein Bars can be easily slipped into any gym bag as a post work out snack. Protein Bars have been taking to a new level with the tasty Mars Protein Bar.

The Protein Bar is just 200 calories and has the nutritional profile you would expect from a leading Protein Bar but with all the great taste of your favourite confectionery brand.

So, when you are craving something sweet and chocolatey, you can grab one of these knowing they are better for you and a healthier alternative!

What did I REALLY think of the ‘healthy snack’ ?

If I am totally honest, I wasn’t convinced I would like it, or even believed that it could taste like a Mars. I cannot stand diet drinks and really struggle with anything that is supposed to be a healthier version of something I love, so it wasn’t looking good…

The Mars is slightly thinner, but when I opened it, the chocolate looked like any ‘normal’ Mars, the consistency is a little chewier and there is no chance of the caramel dripping down your chin! Taste wise, it is still very sweet and tastes like a sugary treat, and if i’m honest I couldn’t even eat a full one in one go, so that alone, means I am putting less calories through my system, but I definitely feel like I have had my sugar hit.


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