Chicks update..batch two due11th April

After our fairly successful first hatch, the children waited eagerly for the second lot to arrive, this time we had eight eggs that looked pretty good.
Unlike the first hatch, I was a little more relaxed with these…

I was very surprised to find on 11th April that one of the eggs was already making good progress, at 10am Luna was fully out of her shell, she spent most of the day bumping into the other eggs, encouraging them to come out and play, we had lots with pips in, so at 6pm we had Ginny, with no signs of any others arriving yet, we all went off to bed, the following morning I was woken by Asa at 7.30am and told we had more new arrivals, three more to be exact!!

I was greeted by Sid, Fred and Bellatrix, technically Sid is not a Harry Potter character, but the chick had such crazy colouring, we thought it would be a great friend for little Scrat, who was still hanging in.

At 10.30am George was born, followed by Dumbledore and Tigger at 12.00 and 12.30, so we had a full 8 of 8 hatch which is brilliant

Tigger was named because of his Tiger like appearance, and they said he bounced around like Tigger!!

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