Chicken Pox !

Last week I was sitting in a Preschool Committee meeting and Eowyn was being extremely grumpy and sad.
Halfway through the meeting she needed the toilet, whilst helping her to adjust her skirt I noticed a rather angry looking spot….
There was a big sign up saying a case of Chicken pox had been reported, so off home we went and waited…

By the afternoon Eowyn had 45 spots, I jokingly said you could join your dots, minutes later Eowyn returned with a big black pen, she had indeed tried to join the dots, she had also added a fair few more herself!!

By Friday morning Eowyn had over 250 spots, I didn’t know so may spots could fit on a little girl, even on her tongue!
The very hot weekend did nothing for her desire to scratch, however the frequent dips in the paddling pool, did appear to help her.

Today is Wednesday and they are starting to disappear, which is great, however Tyrus and Kaide have yet to catch chicken pox, so we shall just wait and see.

Tyrus is extremely miserable today and I did notice a few spots last night, so will be keeping a close eye on him today, and kaide will robably come down with it for half term!!
Oh the joys of childhood illnesses….

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