Cheaper By The Dozen? The Benefits Of Going On Holiday With Another Family

A family holiday can be exciting and stressful in equal measure. As so many families feel that almighty pressure to have fun, especially if you have spent years saving up for your dream vacation it can be a pressure cooker of sorts. So what is the answer to this? A lot of families have taken to sharing a holiday with another family. In fact, a group holiday can have numerous benefits, so what are they and how can you make sure that you prepare properly?

Make Sure Both Families Have A Lot In Common

If you only know the other parents through play dates this is another thing entirely! Partly it could be to do with making sure that you are on the same page in terms of parenting styles. And it’s a good idea before you commit to a joint holiday that you test the waters. Take the opportunity to go on a trip together and consider renting a people mover (aka “minivan”) for convenience so you can get an idea of what a real holiday would be like. You need to make sure that everybody is compatible, especially when couped up in a people mover. Because if you clash over every little thing from what to do and where to eat it’s far better to discover this way before you commit to a long holiday!

Choosing The Right Destination

This could prove surprisingly tricky. When you are satisfied that both families mesh well, you’ve got to choose somewhere that can cover all bases. You may have a long list of destinations in mind but the best approach would be to put your heads together with the other family. In order to narrow down your choices, the best idea would be to pick somewhere that is a reasonable travel distance. But it’s also worth discussing what you want out of the holiday.

Book The Same Package

In a financial sense, you could be chalk and cheese in terms of how you pay for things. The best approach is to choose the same package and make sure you all pay for things in the same way. For example, if one of you were charging snacks to the lodgings but the other family were paying out of their own pockets, it can prove to be a bit of a strain on the holiday. Everybody wants to have fun and this means that money should be discussed to an extent. You may decide to use one debit card where everybody has put the same amount of money on it which can help with combined expenses.

You Don’t Need To Do Everything Together

It can certainly be a great idea if one set of parents can look after all the children while the other set heads out for some downtime but even as a unit you don’t necessarily have to do everything together. Having time alone with your family can help give both parties some space but it can also benefit both groups’ friendships.

It is great for the wallet if you decide to go on a joint holiday but it’s not just the financial aspects you need to consider! 

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