Ceremony Celebrations: Marking Someone’s Graduation

When someone graduates from college, whether they have completed an undergraduate or graduate program, it’s cause for celebration. There are lots of ways they might want to celebrate, and you might have a few ideas to help them celebrate too. If you’re getting ready to congratulate someone on their graduation, you can start thinking about how to be there for them and let them know that you’re proud of them. If you start planning in advance, you’ll have time to do something special for them, or at least make sure you get them a good gift. Plan a good graduation for them by thinking about the things below.

Attending the Ceremony

If you can make it to the ceremony, it’s always good to show your support. But before you make plans to go, make sure you know how attending the graduation ceremony works. Sometimes, each graduate gets a set number of tickets, so they might only be able to invite two or three people. Further guests might be able to buy more tickets, or there could be more if there are graduates who don’t want theirs. If the person graduating is your partner or close family, it might be a given that you’re invited. But sometimes you need to wait for an invite.

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People Who Can’t Attend

Sometimes you might be invited to a graduation ceremony, but you can’t go. When this happens, you probably still want to congratulate them and be there for them in some way. The first thing you can do is check to see if there will be a live stream of the ceremony. There often is these days and it allows anyone who can’t be there to check. Of course, you can also send a card or gift to let them know you’re thinking of them. A phone call or video call to say congratulations is a good idea too.

What to Get as a Gift

There aren’t really any rules about what to get someone as a graduation gift. You could get them something related to their degree or their job. But you can also just think about anything they like and any hobbies they might have. If you don’t want to get them something material, there are other options. If you’re looking for gifts for the man who has everything or the woman who has it all, an experience can be a great idea. There are all sorts of things they can do, from flying a plane to taking a cooking class.

Planning a Party

A party is a great way to celebrate a graduation too. Some graduation ceremonies will have receptions afterward, but you might want to have a more private celebration. You could make plans to go out for a meal, or perhaps have a party at home. If you want to do something big, you might have to think about booking a venue a while in advance of the graduation.

Graduations are significant occasions that deserve celebrating. So if you know someone who has one coming up, plan to do something to mark it.

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