Causes And Treatments For An Aching Mouth

We all know just how painful toothache can be, yet there are other types of pain in the mouth, which can cause major discomfort. Of course, if you are experiencing pain in your mouth, the best thing to do is make an appointment with your local dentist, who can investigate the cause.

 Here are a few common oral conditions that can be very painful.

  • Gum Infection – A gum infection can be extremely painful and it is usually accompanied by swelling and inflammation. If the inside of your mouth is cut for any reason, this enables bacteria to enter into the bloodstream and if such a condition is not addressed, it can become serious.


  • Sensitive Teeth – When the tooth enamel is eroded for any reason, this allows the nerve to react to outside temperatures; hot or cold food will cause an unpleasant flash of pain and the Gold Coast dentist Robina Town Dental can carry out the right treatment which would include a course of antibiotics. You can easily find established dental clinics like the previously mentioned in your area with just a quick online search. Also remember that there are special toothpastes for people with sensitive teeth and gums and regular use will have a beneficial effect.


  • Collision Injuries – Sportspeople can suffer an oral injury, which ranges from losing a tooth to jaw misalignment and if you suffer a knock, let your dentist check you out. It may be required to have a few X-Rays to check there are no fractures or breaks.


  • Dry Mouth – We secrete saliva to help fight oral bacteria and if for any reason your saliva glands are not working, this could see the onset of sores, plus even with correct brushing and flossing, there will still be food residue in your mouth if you have a dry mouth. It is very easy to pick up an infection if you do not secrete adequate amounts of saliva and should you suffer with a dry mouth, visit either your GP or your dentist.


  • Classic Toothache – This is caused by a portion of the tooth decaying and once that reaches the nerve, you experience a dull ache. In the event you have toothache, don’t put treatment off to a later date, rather book an appointment to see the dentist that very day. Pain is nature’s way of informing you that something needs to be done and this is etched into our very being as a survival instinct, so don’t delay when you suffer toothache. The most common cause of toothache is tooth decay, which eventually leads to serious toothache, so if you can feel a tiny hole in one of your teeth, make an appointment to see your local dentist.

If you are experiencing pain in your mouth, you do need to schedule an appointment with your dentist, who can investigate the cause and recommend the best treatment. The longer you leave it, the more damage can be caused and with regular dental examinations, if they are issues, the dentist will spot them and recommend a treatment.


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